Kanye West : Rapper Shows The Clear Difference Between Bad Behaviour and Mental Illness

Posted on May 03 2018 , at 10:25 am
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Of course, it’s no secret that Kanye West has been hitting all the tabloids with his name spread into sentences that contain phrases like ‘mental illness’ or ‘bipolar disorder’.

With a storm of tweets that began as first of all being motivational and inspiring, many fans were happy to have him back on the Twitter platform. Many of course put it down to him trying to generate a little of publicity for whatever upcoming product or music he was trying to sell to us in the very near future.


While this prediction may have in fact have been proved true with the release of his single called Ye Vs the People that features T.I. it still leaves much to question.

Over the past few weeks alone he has, as a person of colour, shown support for Trump and said in an interview that black people being slaves for 400 years was a choice (shocking stuff, I know).

But what is worrying is that reporters and the general public alike are associating his seemingly erratic behaviour as telltale signs of him possibly struggling with something much bigger: mental illness.

Mental health is still very much a new concept

However you choose to look at it, mental health is still very much a new concept that has much of its scope largely unexplored or understood.

Even though science and technology have taken great leaps, mental health is still very much a myth to psychologists and psychiatrists alike.

Also, it does not help that no two cases of mental illness are the same but strides are being made nevertheless but sadly not at a pace fast enough to aid those that are mental illness patients.

While we can not conclusively stand from the outside and say that nope, Kanye West is not suffering from a mental health illness it seems highly unlikely.

Bad Behavior Is Not Mental Illness

If you were to take the time out to read through Kanye’s tweets and listen to his interview you’d realize that while most of what he is saying is very much absurd and disturbing to most of us, it’s really just uninformed thoughts he’s spewing out.


His support for Trump as a coloured person is really just a mix of bad behaviour and lack of well-informed ideologies.

If a person chooses to behave badly then it cannot simply just be put into a box labelled ‘mental illness’ and stored away in an attic never to be reviewed again. Just because something is absurd or unfathomable does not mean it falls into the same jurisdiction as the unknown world of mental illness.

So what then is mental illness?

Some of the more well known mental illnesses are bipolar disorder and depression which have gained more recognition thanks to pop culture which is no longer shying away from discussing these topics.

Mental illness, in a nutshell, can be described as a mental factor that causes distress or impairment of personal functioning. In simpler terms, something that affects your mental well being and renders you incapable of behaving as you should in situations.

Mental illness isn’t a choice and putting perfectly healthy people like Kanye’s behavior in the same category as people actually struggling with things like depression is quite frankly very insulting.

In summary?

Let’s learn to have more conversations about mental health without using the intentional bad choices and bad behaviour of celebrities as an example.

Mental illness is more likely than not easy to overlook and a lot less conspicuous than new media is making it seem.

Mental illness is real and it has little to do with tweeting things that go against popular public opinions.


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