Issa Rae Stuns In Her Imitation Of These Epic Throwback Pictures

Posted on May 23 2018 , at 12:17 pm
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In her feature for GQ magazine, Issa Rae stars as characters from popular ’90s black sitcom.

In her feature, she discusses her rise and life as the showrunner and star of Insecure.

In the photos. the comedic actress is seen portraying Steve Urkel from Family Matters, Moesha from Moesha, Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Dwayne Wayne from A Different World.

When asked about her genuine discomfort with being the centre of attention she said,

I do feel like people expect me to be entertaining. And I’m not. I’m not an entertaining person. I don’t put on for anybody. I think about someone like Tiffany Haddish, who’s just naturally entertaining, who always has a story. And that’s just not my lane. I’m always gonna be the shy one. I only want to make my presence felt when I feel like it’s necessary. And so much of that is such a hard balance, especially when the narrative is about getting noticed and getting attention for a specific product. And in that way, yeah, I want the eyes to be on what the product is…But after a while, you become the product.

She also discussed the inspiration for creating Insecure,

The takeaway was ‘Agh, black people are so dope. Where are they at on TV right now? Now I want my own version.

Issa Rae also revealed her audience,

I think what most surprised me was that the audience wasn’t 90 percent black. I think only 30 to 40 percent of the audience are black people. But I’m like, okay, HBO isn’t accessible to everyone. Like, I didn’t have HBO. I used my friend’s password until the show got picked up.


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