‘I’m Still Very Much Single’ – Teju Babyface

Posted on August 19 2011 , at 02:11 pm
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By Dayo Farore

With a degree in Insurance from the University of Lagos, Teju Babyface dumped his BSc for the rib cracking business and no doubt it has being paying off well.

Now the host of the popular Teju Babyface Show, the dresser and charmer reveals his intimate side during this exclusive interview with our correspondent… 

Can you please tell us your real names?

Teju Oyelakin

Your marital status?

Still very single o

Is there any special lady in your life?

My mom and my sisters at the moment

So what you are saying is that you are not dating anyone?

(Laughs) Oro di hun, Oro P’esi Je O, Oro di hun No Comment

Do you have anything you are working on right now?

Yes, always ‘The Teju Babyface Show’ coming to you bigger,  better every single time.

So what motivated the show? How did you get the spark to begin?

Well I’ll just say my environment and the age in which I grew up. Those were the age of the Bala Miller Show, there was the Art Alade Show and Bobby Benson Show. However, the show was conceived from the spark through the genre of the American late night television shows like Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, the Late Nite Show with David Letterman, The Chris Rock Show, The Sharpel Show and Arseno Hall Show back in the 80s.

So did you train as a Comedian?

Actually unlike some I did and Basorge was my lecturer when I started comedy as a career. (Laughs) Then, I met Ali Baba who also taught me a bit. Then I rolled with Tee A. Little Basketmouth and I were students together, he was my junior though (laughs) I usually send him on errands.

Okay. So today we have new Comedians coming out strong everytime, but how would you describe Comedy back in the days of Comedians like Ali Baba and now. What do you feel has changed in terms of delivery?

It’s not really the people, it’s the audience. The audience are less patient. They used to be patient. With us back in the days, we tell them stuffs, stories and all that. These days you better come good in 30seconds or you are toast.

Okay Teju, last question. In two sentences, describe your kind of music and your kind of woman?

I don’t need two sentences, I just need two words. Music? African. Woman? Beautiful

Oh, she must be beautiful? As a Yoruba man, what happened to the part of the good attitude or virtue?

I did not say she must be pretty. I said she has to be beautiful. Like they say, beauty in the eyes of the beholder. There are some beautiful people on the inside, all I just said was beautiful.

Okay then, thank you.

Thank you.

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