I’m in love with whoever is running the Official EFCC Twitter account!

Posted on February 15 2017 , at 12:03 pm
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  • Makes an otherwise serious job seem like the simplest thing in the world to do.

The EFCC has a sense of humour too

The official EFCC account on Twitter has to be one of the most hilarious pages ever!

Maybe it’s the ironical fact of such a serious organization having an incredible sense of humour that makes it funnier.

But we cannot get over its sarcastic, witty tweets. They get all of us rolling every single time!

Two days ago, someone accused them of being too childish, here’s how they replied to that:

Yesterday being Valentine’s day, the handle went on an emotional rant, talmabout the love of their life that it adored.

It started with..

It then went on and on about this virtuous woman who was almost perfect, from the description, using words like ‘aesthetic wonder’, ‘teacher’, ‘mentor’, ‘king’s hand’ and several other accolades to describe this wonderful love of his.

After getting everyone all geared up, waiting for the name to be revealed, all we got was ‘she is a woman’ *sobs*.

It was eventually revealed that the thread had only been a way of creating awareness for an upcoming event, ‘Nigerian Women Against Corruption’. After all, ‘what would we be without the love of a woman?’

There was the time another Twitter user who was a little irritated by the overly playful nature of the account wondered what they were established for.


Trust EFCC to not let that one slide.


The account also enjoys taking jabs at Manchester United and its fans.


Making jokes about Wizkid songs? That’s easy


It even watches ‘Narcos’, guys!


Also replies every tweet because everybody matters.


And when it was queried about being up too late, the reply was…


Here’s what it had to say to the guy who was wondering how to catch a night bus to Vegas


The account also gives good advice…


Sometimes with a bit of humour


But making us laugh shouldn’t be the job of the EFCC you might say. Well…

Dear whoever is running this account, call me. I want to be friends.

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