I Watched A 4DX Movie For The First Time And The Regular Cinematic Experience Is Spoilt For Me

Posted on November 07 2019 , at 05:39 pm
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When I and my younger sisters decided to go watch ‘Maleficent: The Evil Mistress’ in 4DX, I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. 

I learned that 4DX movies require special glasses just like 3D movies. Also that the cinema hall is built differently than regular cinema halls, the chairs have a place to put your feet and it’s a lot bigger than the normal ones. The screen is also slightly bigger, the hall is sort of smelly and it is not as cold as most cinema halls usually are. 

During the instructions on the proper way to use the cinema hall, we were told what to expect as we watched the movie. When the movie first started, things were not exactly going well. The movie was not bad, but because we are in Nigeria, someone had forgotten to do something. After going to complain, the screen issues were fixed and it was smooth sailing from there. 

4DX put me in the movie, it made me experience the same elements the characters in the movie were experiencing. The screen was closer, bigger, as if I could put my hand into it and pick up something from the movie. It made me feel I was a part of the movie and adrenaline was rushing through my body the entire time.

The movie involved a lot of flying, and every time anybody was flying, the air was colder, and there was a little whoosh sound making us feel as if we were flying too. When water was splashing in the movie, water was actually splashing on us. When someone in the movie threw something, it felt like it was going to hit me in the face and I even had to move my head to avoid being ‘hit’. My chairs moved in the same angles the people in the movie were moving, it vibrated when they hit a bump, and it just contributed to the whole experience. 

As the movie ended, I could only think of how I will cough out 4,000 naira to watch another movie in 4DX. In fact, if I could, I’ll only watch movies in 4DX.  So, who wants to go with me and have a fun time at the cinemas, hit me up in the comment section below.

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