I Spent 12 Hours In The Ultimate Love Pad And It Was Crazy Fun

Posted on February 15 2020 , at 05:59 pm
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If you really watch a lot of TV, then you are probably already very familiar with DSTV’s new reality TV show, Ultimate Love. I and a few other people got the opportunity to stay in the house for 12 hours before the show began and it was a lot of things except boring.

When I got the mail inviting me to join a few influencers, some celebrities and other media personnel to take an overnight tour of the new Ultimate Love house, I was sick so I was going to pass on the offer. I wanted to ask someone else to go in my place but I’m so glad that I decided to suck it up and go by myself.

We met up at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja and were taken to the house in a tinted bus. We then had to wait for a while to talk with the producers of the show. While we waited to speak with the men behind the magic, we got to know each other a bit, we had different conversations about different things and tried to predict what the show would be like. 

After our talk with the producers, we were taken into the house and I felt a mix of emotions – fear, anxiety and excitement. We had already been told that we couldn’t keep our phones in the house so I was already dreading having to give up my phone but I consoled myself with the fact that there would be 17 other people to keep me company. 

Here are seven major highlights from my twelve hours stay in the Ultimate Love pad.

The House
The House was so beautiful and I could immediately tell as soon as I walked in that it was created to incite feelings of love. I also felt like someone was watching my every step, but that feeling soon passed. The house painted in white and red, filled with figurines of love and paintings, had cameras and microphones at every angle. The jacuzzi installed in the gorgeous garden was literally calling my name as soon as I walked in and I just wanted to take a dive in. Then we learned that the boys and girls had separate rooms (the girls’ room was pink and the boys’ was white). This raised the conversation of what kind of show this really was and we were told it was to be clean and love guests were banned from having sex!

New Friends
Indisputably, the best part of being in the love pad for twelve hours was the opportunity to meet new people. I enjoyed the pad only because of the amazing people I had been paired with. I already knew a few of the guests before the tour so it was easy to hold conversations with them but I had to make new friends. So, I made myself talk least to Pamilerin, Lazy Writa, King Pexxie and Odion; all of whom I already knew. Instead, I found that I developed an easy rapport with Miz Vick, Noble Igwe, Chidi and Damilola and I knew it was the beginning of a new friendship. Before the time ran out, I had spoken with everyone in the house, including Tomike, Tomi, Pastor Ola, Mutiat, Rotimi, Vanessa, Tinuke, Abisola, and Isime. I had to get everyone’s contact details and I’m looking forward to an opportunity to get to spend time with all of them soon.


What’s a Multichoice reality show without choice food? Non-existent! We had an assortment of food for the night, from raw food to veggies and fruits and all the junk food we could eat. I can’t lie, I had a little of each. There were also a lot of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is safe to say that we had a lot to drink but surprisingly, nobody got drunk.

Fire Alert
Things got real while we were cooking. Our head chef for the night, Mutiat had discovered that we had only palm oil to cook our dinner so we decided to bleach the oil. Let’s just say, things didn’t turn out too well. True to its nature, the palm oil started to smoke up the kitchen and the fire alarms went off. We were immediately evacuated from the house until a full sweep had been done and the house was cleared.

Since our phones were taken from us, we had to figure out other ways to have fun. Rotimi had anticipated that our phones were going to be taken away from us and had brought along two card games. As we made dinner, some members of the group began to play WHOT but the stakes were upped after everyone had been fed. We played a game of word association (music), concentration, and then an adult question game. We put some twists in the games that included a lot of drinking. It was a lot of fun.

Head of House
One of the first things we did in the house was nominate a ‘Head of House’ for the time we were to spend in the love pad. We unanimously voted Noble Igwe and he took his job very seriously. He was on hand to deal with every issue and I learned a few things from him. Most importantly that, ‘to be a leader is not to be the biggest, it is to be the most concerned’.

The Gift
As I said goodbye to the beautiful house and the gorgeous people who had experienced it with me, I was handed a gift box with my surname written on it. I couldn’t wait to open it and see what was in it. It was my valentine package, filled with chocolate, wine, a scented candle, a throw pillow and a glass mug with my name inscribed on it. I had the best time in the house and the gift box was the perfect way to commemorate those great twelve hours.

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