‘I Never Said I Wanted A Collabo With Burna Boy; Broadway TV Misconstrued My Statement’- Mr 2Kay

Posted on March 23 2018 , at 12:46 pm
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  • Describes himself as a 'walking target' after the 2017 robbery attack.

Few days ago, Gratfon Records artiste Mr 2Kay was reported in an interview with online media platform Broadway TV to have said that he was open to collaborating with Burna Boy– with whom he has an outstanding legal case.

In 2017, Mr 2Kay was the victim of a vicious robbery attack in Lagos. In the aftermath of the incidents, the arrested suspects claimed to have been sent on the ‘mission’ by Burna Boy who had some type of beef with 2Kay. The matter ended up in court with Burna Boy’s manager Joel Kantiock arraigned with the suspects.

However, with Burna Boy yet to offer a public apology as Mr 2Kay demanded, it was surprising for fans to read that he was willing to make a collabo with Burna Boy.

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In an exclusive chat with our correspondent, Mr 2Kay refuted the statement. and explained that his position on the matter was misconstrued.

Excerpts from the chat below.


NET: Is it true that you’re looking for a collabo with Burna Boy as reported by Broadway TV?

Mr 2Kay: I think my last incident has just turned me into some kind of walking target. So, anything I say either get misconstrued or misunderstood. Let me state loud and clear, I am not looking for any collabo with who you just mentioned. I simply meant that when it comes to business, I can be very flexible. I just released a great album and I am not in a hurry to release any new song outside the album at the moment. I just need people to stop escalating a situation that I do not have control of. I am very happy where I am today – I am Elevated for real.

NET: What’s the status of the case now?

Mr 2Kay: It’s in the hands of the Police and the court. My lawyers will be back in court in April and we’ll have an update on the case. I’m just focused on my new album and my career.

NET: Are you still angry with Burna Boy?

Mr 2Kay: I’m about my Elevated life right now… I don’t have space for any form of negativity. Anger is like a load on the one who is angry. I would rather channel my energy on positive things and projects that can make me better.

NET: album Elevated has been doing great since its release, how does this make you feel?

Mr 2Kay: It motivates me to do more. I can see how well it has done and how well it’s still doing by the day but I am challenged to do better because it is possible.

NET: You were also recently in Kenya, were you surprised by the acceptance of the Mr 2kay brand in East Africa?

Mr 2Kay: I was surprised and not surprised at the same time. When I look at the back end of my analytics, I see some countries that I would never have thought were feeling my music. So getting to Kenya just showed me that Nigerian music has really gone beyond what we assume. It was an eye-opener and I look forward to exploring more countries to spread the music and expand the fan base.

NET: What’s your favourite track on the album?

Mr 2Kay: Every track on the album are like children to me. I can’t say I love one more than the other but if I go by the theme of the album, I’ll say “God Can Bless Anybody” featuring my label mate, Idahams.


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NET: We’ve heard that you’re planning a homecoming concert in Port Harcourt, can you share more on this?

Mr 2Kay: Hmmmm… you guys can dig out info from anywhere. Okay, let’s just say my label and I are cooking something and it will be ready for public knowledge very soon. I promise you’ll get a clearer picture in the coming week. Let’s not burst the bubble too early.

NET: A recent report online said you’re a Port Harcourt based artist, have you relocated to Port Harcourt?

Mr 2Kay: My brother, I don’t know where they got that information from. I have lived in Lagos for about 4 years now and I can’t understand why they described me as a “Port Harcourt based artist.” I was born in Port Harcourt and that’s where I started my music. After signing to Grafton Records, I was shuttling between PH and UK where I released “Bubugaga” that also exposed me and my music to the mainstream UK market. I moved to Lagos about 4 years ago. So feel free to call me “Omo Eko” because I dey here full ground.

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