How To Become Superstar Wizkid In 5 Easy Steps

Posted on July 16 2019 , at 07:37 pm
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Wizkid turned 29 years old today but we are sure there is a 19-year-old or maybe an older or younger person that wants to be exactly like the superstar singer. While we will advise originality and preach the ‘be yourself’ gospel, we can maybe help you be like Wizkid with these simple 5 steps.

Check out 5 ways you can become like Wizkid:

  1. Discover Your Talent: The easiest and fastest way to be on the same lane as Wizkid is to discover your talent. Wizkid has a very unique voice and if he has to, he can perform with a live band easily; he has done it before. He is also known for making dope freestyles into good songs; in fact, some of his biggest hits have been freestyles. He has been known to take a wide range of beats and do them justice with great freestyles, creating big hits in minutes.
  2. Get You Some Good Producers: Wizkid works with only the best of producers and he allows them to challenge his talent. He works with producers that have complete freedom for the kind of beats they bring to him and he does them justice. If you get a very good producer to create great beats for you and you kill them with the talent you already have, then you are ready for stage 3.
  3. Try To Stay Humble: After step 1 and 2 have gotten you your big hit and you are now famous, you have to stay humble. Wizkid is perceived as a very humble person so people feel like they can connect with him easily. This feeling of connection makes him even more likeable and keeps his fans loyal and on his side.

Be There For People That Need You: Just as Starboy dey for you, you have to be there for the people that need you. you have to be available to fellow artists and musicians when they need you for collabs. Wizkid once went a long stretch without releasing any music of his own, yet he was in our ears and faces through other people’s songs. You also have to be available to the fans and upcoming artists, that will keep you in their hearts and help you to stay as relevant as Wizkid has been. Plus, being accessible to upcoming stars helped him groom one of the biggest music stars in Africa right now, Mr Eazi.


  1. Be Fashionable: The last but definitely not the least on this list is the importance of becoming a trendsetter in the fashion industry as much as the music industry. Wizkid has a style that is peculiar to him and you can’t even fault it. He has made Bandanas and interesting prints on shirts extra cool in Nigeria. He has also made flashy colours admirable; he has become a fashion icon. If you doubt that, just remember when he was on the Dolce and Gabbana runway with Naomi Campbell.

Because we care, we will give you one bonus point on how to be more like Wizkid, which is that you basically just have to be a ladies’ man and look as cute as the birthday boy does. That said, do well to leave him some birthday wishes and prayers in the comments section below.

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