Here Is Why Not Every Broken Relationship Has A Villain

Posted on June 14 2019 , at 10:40 am
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With the news of P-Diddy’s ex-girlfriend getting pregnant for another man going round on the internet, there has been plethora of reactions on social media about the issue. Most of the comments were a bit unreasonable, with a lot of women calling out P-Diddy for not being a great person to be in a relationship with. The problem with this kind of mindset is that there is a major social need to paint someone in a bad light every time their relationship in fails.

The idea of being in a relationship is to try and see if you and the person you are with are going to be end-game. There are only two ways that this could lead you; one is that you are end-game and end up getting married, the other is that you break up. Either one of them should be fine in the grand scheme of things since you already knew before going in that it could end either way.

The idea that relationships can only end if one of the partners involved messes up big time, is not always correct. There are numerous reasons why people in relationships may want to go their separates ways and sometimes it might have nothing to do with any one of them being a bad person. These issues are even far more complicated when the partners involved are celebrities. The entire relationship and break-up is inspected, studied and prodded until somebody comes up with a reason for the break up, which usually puts one of the partners at fault.

However, today I will be sharing some of the reasons why people break up and why it may have nothing to do with anybody being a villain.

  1. Someone Falls Out of Love: Before you go ahead and say that falling out of love in a relationship makes you the villain in the story, calm down and take the time to think about it. If the point of being in a relationship is seeing where it leads, should ‘falling out of love not be an option’?. The truth is if you fall out of love with someone you are in a relationship with and you tell them and walk away from the whole thing before it escalates, then you are a good person. You are not a villain and while you may feel responsible for hurting someone you care about, you are saving them from future hurt.
  2. The People in the Relationship May Want Different Things: One too many times, relationships have ended over both partners not being on the same page. This does not make any one of them bad as you cannot make someone ready for something they are not ready for. The best way out of situations like this is honesty and if the plans don’t align, and compromises cannot be made, then the relationship ends.
  3. Everyone Has Their Flaws: Even when someone seems like the villain in a relationship ending, they are not always as faultful as people like to believe they are. People react based on other people’s actions to them and most people in a relationship don’t go about trying to hurt the other person. The acceptance that a relationship ends because of the actions, interactions and inactions of both people (including their faults) can go a long way in changing this ‘villain’ mentality.
  4. They Can Get Bored: This happens regardless if both people still love each other. If a relationship loses its spark and both people in the relationship cannot find a way to light the fire again, then it may be time to call it quits. Continuing the relationship and going into a boring marriage may cause problems from the get-go and lead to complications that could have been avoided.
  5. Sometimes Partners Realize That The Relationship is Going Nowhere: there are so many relationships where the partners have all the fun in the world and are each other’s persons, and yet they know a long-term plan may fail. They find each other exciting and attractive and yet they know that all of that attraction may be time-bound, so they call it quits. Not only is it the responsible thing to do, but it is also a reasonable path to take.

I’ve realized that in a lot of broken relationships, there are villains but the point is that not all of the relationships that end must feature villains and victims. While these are not the only reasons why a relationship may have broken up without any one of the partners being the villains, I would leave you with these. If you know any other reasons why people may have broken relationships where there are no villains or victims in them, please share them with me.

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