Habits you never knew are dangerous to your health

Posted on October 24 2016 , at 03:41 pm
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  • Many of us are guilty of at least one of these habits, and it's time to take note for your health's sake.

man feeling pain
Feeling the pain

A habit is a routine or behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Unfortunately most of us are unaware of the damage some of these habits cause to our health and their side effects occur later on as we grow older.

See some habits causing damage to our health.


1. Sitting all day at work


sitting at work

Sitting for long hours can increase blood sugar, excess fat, high cholesterol, hearts disease and early death.


2. Carrying backpack on the same shoulder all the time


girls carrying bag on one shoulder
Carrying a bag on one shoulder always causes muscular imbalance

Carrying bag on one shoulder causes muscular imbalance, leading to back pain, stiff muscle even headache.


3. Wearing stiletto heels


stiletto heels
Stiletto heels

Wearing high heels causes chronic joint pain, back pain, deformed toes.


4. Wearing a belt too tight


Belt used a a really tight manner
Tightly worn belt

Wearing tight belts may cause a number of health problems including heartburn, lower back pain, constipation and damage to reproductive system.


5. Sitting with legs crossed


sitting with crossed legs
Sitting with crossed legs

Medicals experts believe that sitting long hours with legs crossed may lead to back pain, neck pain, spider veins and nerve damage.


6. Wearing skinny jeans


skinny jeans
Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans cause damage to leg muscles, bleeding or swelling inside tight and it can also harm reproductive system.


7. Keeping a fat wallet in your back pocket


fat wallet in back pocket
Fat wallet in back pocket

Sitting on a thick wallet in the your back pocket can damage nerves in the hips leading to a medical condition called sciatica with chronic lower back pain.


8. Cradling your phone between shoulder and ears


cradling your phone between your shoulder and ears
Cradling your phone between your shoulder and ears

Holding phone between ear and shoulder can severely damage your nerves and arteries near the neck and lead to chronic neck pain and even stroke.

Many of us are guilty of at least one of these habits, and it’s time to take note of them for your health’s sake.


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