How To Get The Best Of Thrift Shopping For Clothes

Posted on May 12 2018 , at 12:52 pm
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Thrift shopping is definitely making a comeback and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Thrift shopping is basically buying secondhand items that are still in good condition. Aside from getting items at a bargain price, you also get one of a kind items.

Here are four ways to get the best of thrift shopping for clothes.

1) If you see it, buy it… FAST

The chances of you seeing a thrift item again or for a long period of time is very slim. So if you see it and really like it, it’s best to purchase the item.

2) Check the condition of the item

Of course they are all secondhand items but some are inn better condition than others so be sure to check and double check their condition.

3) Empty the pockets

It isn’t unusual to find bits and bobs lurking in pockets of thrift items from it’s previous owners. While may be meaningless things, others may still be quite valuable to their owner. Ensure you go through pockets of thrift items.

4) Be sure of the size

Because the item has had a previous owner, the size stated on the factory label may have changed e.g expanded. If you can, you should test them by trying them on.


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