Four Things You Should Know About 4th Of July, America’s Independence Day

Posted on July 04 2018 , at 09:21 am
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Mount Rushmore

Today, July 4, is America’s Independence Day.


For 242 years, the country has celebrated their independence from Britain with parades, parties and fireworks.


Check out facts about the day.


1. When America became independent in 1776, the country had 2.5 million citizens. Today, there are 330 million Americans.

There are 330 million Americans now

2. America’s Independence Day was actually on July 2, but is celebrated on the 4th which is when Congress accepted Thomas Jefferson’s declaration.


3. Three American Presidents – John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe all died on Independence in 1826 (Adams and Jefferson) and 1831 respectively.

John Adams, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson

4. 15,000 people will be sworn in as American citizens today.

New citizens at a previous ceremony

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