Five reasons you should turn on ‘ghost mode’ on Snapchat

Posted on June 29 2017 , at 07:48 am
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  • The new update's proving largely unnecessary.

How everyone sees you with the new update

Snapchat made a new (rather unnecessary) addition to its features which enables users see their friends’ locations.

While many find this hilarious as it helps them catch friends that are having fun without them or partners that are not where they claimed to be, some actually have legitimate concerns, and you should too.

The good thing is, you can easily avoid being seen on the map by turning on ‘ghost mode’ in your settings or you could just leave your location visible to friends only.

Here are a few reasons why you should go on ‘ghost mode’.


1. You could easily get tracked by people with bad intentions

The accuracy of the app’s map makes it too easy for the wrong people to find you and probably cause harm.


2. Your partner will catch you cheating


Awks. Just don’t cheat or if you must, use the ‘ghost mode’ option.


3. You can’t avoid buying free food for your friends

Well, Snapchat will tell exactly where you are. So when you get an ‘hey, please by me chicken’, just know your Snapchat has once again betrayed you.


4. Your friends will know you never go out

I mean, it’s not exactly bad, but when you’re one of those that occasionally lie about being out or busy just to avoid hanging out with friends, Snapchat might be call you out.


5. You can’t lie about being 5 minutes away.

Nope. Snapchat knows it all and sees it all.


See below a few more people that haven’t been so pleased with what their SC maps showed them and some that have taken full advantage of it




Perhaps that Ghost mode is already looking appealing?


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