Five reasons Bobrisky is going nowhere anytime soon

Posted on October 17 2017 , at 08:14 am
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  • Haters will hate but Bobo will remain risky.


Male Barbie, Bobrisky, became a social media phenomenon last year and since then, Nigerians have not been able to get enough of him. Many speculated that he would be a fad everyone would get over in just a few weeks but the risky Bobo has proven all naysayers wrong.


And here are five reasons why Bobrisky and his extravagant ways will be sticking around even longer than you might expect.


1. He has money on his mind

Even though he has cancelled his Premium Snapchat, Bobrisky continues to prove that he is business conscious. From selling his own brand of skin toning cream to becoming an ambassador for a hair brand, Bobrisky has been able to monetize his fame. This definitely sets him apart from other flashes in the pan who have come and gone in the past.


2. Just when you think you’ve seen it all… Bobo always comes with ‘another one’.

Say what you want but there’s one thing about Bobrisky you cannot deny, Bobo always has something up his sleeves. He seems to have an endless supply of punchlines, dances and drama for his fans and critics alike. Just when it seems Bobrisky is in our rear view mirror, he drops something new and reminds us why he’s the ‘baddest’.


3. Jack of all trades?

Bobrisky knows that the key to staying relevant is doing more than Snapchat videos. While entertaining his ‘Snapcharters’ is important, ‘Risky knows that he has to do more to keep them happy.


He recently starred in his very first Yoruba movie and who knows, maybe we will get a tell-all book and find out what really went down with him and Tunde Ednut?


4. The global village has taken notice

The internet really does make the world a small place and this plays well into Bobrisky’s hands. Not too long ago, he was featured on and if things keep shaping up for him, he might even make it on E! Thanks to social media and the world wide web, Bobrisky has a chance to make an indelible digital footprint that will stay in the sands longer than a minute.


5. He has a fan base

Contrary to popular belief, Bobrisky actually has fans. Yes, whether it is those who subscribed for his premium Snapchat or those who buy his cream, and even those who troll him with negative comments, anyone that is giving him any attention really. Nothing sells a market like a loyal fan base and Bobo has got just that.


There you have it!


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