Five Places You Are Likely To Meet A “Fuck Boy”

Posted on September 15 2018 , at 08:36 am
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Fuck boys – we all know them or have encountered them at least once navigating through life.

They are guys who are basically into sexual relationships; he will lead a girl on and after getting what he wants, lets her down.

They are the types of guys you should avoid if you want a serious, long-lasting relationship.

If you find yourself going in and out of relationships with the same type of guys, then something is definitely wrong.

It could be that you have been looking for them in the wrong places.

Below are 5 places you are most likely to meet a Fuck Boy:

1. A club

If you are looking for a serious relationship in a club, you are only deceiving yourself. You are likely going to get a one-night stand or best case scenario, meet a friend with benefits.

2. Dating Sites

A lot of guys you see here live a fake life, they pose with cars that are borrowed or houses that don’t belong to them. You can be talking to them and fall in love with their virtual life but when you meet them in person, it’s a whole different story. Also, you are most likely not the only girl they are talking to.

3. At a wedding

Yes! You are likely going to meet a fuck boy at a wedding.
We all know weddings are fun and exciting, especially the reception and after-party, and that single women flock there with hopes that they would meet the love of their lives. This is what most guys who go to weddings count on. So my advice? Don’t be in a hurry to take any guy you meet at a wedding seriously.

4. Gambling centres

Although some people see gambling as a bad habit, the main problem here is that such an environment harbours different types of people; the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s a perfect place to meet a thief or a fuck boy.

5. Gym

If you meet a guy who spends half his time in the gym talking to you or other girls there also, then you don’t need to think twice to know he is a fuck boy.
Most of these guys just come in with their built bodies to distract the ladies they see and steal their attention.

Be safe out there sisters!


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