Five Music Groups That Should Make A Permanent Comeback

Posted on February 28 2020 , at 05:23 am
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Right now, there are no major music groups in Nigeria. It’s sad. Once upon a time, there used to be lots of music groups made up of individual artists who came together and created magic for the fans. Some of Nigeria’s most iconic songs have come from these groups and we sometimes long for their return. Like we all went bonkers when the former Mo’Hits crew performed together on stage for the first time post-split at Davido’s 30BG concert in 2017, here are five music groups that should make a permanent comeback.   

Styl Plus

Technically, the group is not split but the third member of the group, Tunde, has left to pursue a solo career leaving group leader Shifi as the only original member of the group left. 90s babies will remember Styl Plus hits like Olufunmi, Iya Basira and Runaway. Right now, the RnB throne in Nigeria is vacant and we can only imagine if Styl Plus could come back permanently and serenade us some more. 

Plantashun Boiz

In 1997, 2face and Blackface started the group Plantashun Boiz and eventually moved to Lagos where they lived in Blackface’s uncle’s house in Festac.

Formed during their undergraduate days at the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, plantashun boiz was made up of 2Face (now known as 2baba), Blackface and Faze. From the early 2000s, no one could touch Plantashun Boiz. They had two successful albums (Body and Soul and Sold Out) and were signed to Kennis Music before the band split and each act tried to chase a solo career. It’s highly improbable at this point but a comeback of these three amazing talents would be a once in a lifetime experience. 

Swat Root

The Swat Root collective made up of Modenine, Six Foot Plus, Overdose, RuleClean, El Dee, Terry Tha Rapman and others pioneered the rap game in Nigeria. Though they weren’t a group in the traditional sense of it, they moved as a collective bent on pushing hip-hop culture in Nigeria. And they succeeded. Without these guys, there would be no Nigerian rap like we know it. Though members of the group have since walked very different paths, the rap culture in Nigeria at the  moment needs them. Hip-hop needs a revival, somebody call modo! 



With hit songs like “Shakomo” and “Omoge”, Remedies were the biggest groups of the mid to late 90s. They lay the blueprint for groups like Plantashun Boiz to follow. They also preceded Plantashun Boiz at Kennis Music – some would say they were Nigeria’s first mainstream pop group. Members of the group were Eddie Remedy, Eedris Abdulkareem and Tony Tetuila. Each of them went after solo careers when the group disbanded in the early 2000s but how we wish they could come back and give us a taste of what they were once capable of. 


Also known as the boys from Ibadan, Maintain, made up of Olu Maintain, his cousin Tolu and their friend Big Bamo were one of the biggest groups of the early 2000s competing with the likes of Plantashun Boiz. Their style which relied on comic punchlines and feel good beats gained lots of traction with fans at the time. With hits like “Catch Cold” and “Nibo La Wa’n Gbe Lo”, the group still split in 2005 with Olu Maintain and Big Bamo chasing solo careers afterwards. Oh, what we would give for some of that good music again. 

There is such a huge music group hole waiting to be filled in the Nigerian music industry. There is no telling if they will be successful a second time around but should these groups stage a comeback, you can bet your Naira that we are going to get behind them. They each changed the soundscape in Nigeria in their own ways and for that, we’ll always be nostalgic and wish them back.

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