Fashionista Memo: My Encounter with Red Bottoms

Posted on March 16 2018 , at 09:40 am
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I’ve never really been bothered with the craze for red bottoms. One time it was so trendy my black bottom court shoes got me feeling  like a grandma. To console myself I quickly reminisced about why the red bottoms wasn’t such a big deal in my style book. For one thing I don’t like trendy because I prefer unique pieces and I wasn’t really into red either, to make matters worse it came in the form of a designer (Christian Louboutin) piece with that ‘ridiculous’ price tag attached. So I quickly pushed the thoughts of getting one out of my mind and saved some bucks while at it.Fast forward to now, I’m not sure I made the right  decision.

A few days ago I saw a lady rocking the red bottoms and she got my attention throughout her stay at the Subway. It was almost a star struck situation. In that moment I thought about all the styles I could have put together if only I invested in one. Well since I’ve come to realize what I’m missing out on without the red bottoms in my closet, I will like to share reasons a fashionista image is not complete without the red bottoms.

Class (Go big or Go Home)


Nothing speaks class like the high end louboutin  red bottoms I literally saw a fab and luxury mix in one look (that doesn’t happen often), but who doesn’t want that? I do a million times over! Seriously what’s the point of stressing my legs with heels if it can’t turn heads and look like I just stepped out of Vogue? Enough of the drab looks already can’t wait to get the loubs.

Celebrity Behavior (Alias Feel Among)

As an aspiring celebrity , what better way to join the ranks of Cardi B if not the fave red bottoms (beyond rapping along with the lyrics o). We all know nothing speaks celebrity status than luxury fashion items. I’m not a designer push over but once in a while one needs to rep with cool fashion pieces and the red bottoms is definitely the way I want to go.

Chic Factor (Feminine Vibes All The way)

Can you imagine a shoot with red bottoms and lingerie. Common! Red bottoms are sexy AF and to be honest, I can’t wait to cop one. Even if my own aim is to pair it with monochrome/all black/White & Denim. Bottom line I can’t wait to send out the chic vibes already. Infact I think I’ll start practicing my pose for the gram now.

P.S:  In 2012 Louboutin won the exclusive rights to the red bottoms design so don’t blame  me if that is what I’m ‘hustling’ towards . That’s not to say anyone who doesn’t have a budget  for it can’t go the DIY route. In the end it’s your closet,  your budget,  your rules, and so far you’re not mass producing it, I think you’ll be just fine. But while you are on your DIY project, me I will face my hustle so I can get my own red bottoms the designer way 😉

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