Should We Expect A Single From Adeolu, Remi, Mavuli & Efa Soon?

Posted on March 19 2018 , at 03:05 pm
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After watching the Men who starred in  “The Eve” it’s had to get the word “Single” out of your head. Whether it’s from the girls who are now obsessed on whether or not these well-chiselled actors are Single and available or just the more innocent pondering on how awesome it will be to see this lead actors venture in the music industry, the movie does a good job of leaving the audience wanting more. A lot has been said about the lead actors leading up to the movie (pun, totally intended). Kunle Remi, Mawuli Gavor, Adeolu Adefarasin & Efa Iwara are some of the best looking men working in Nollywood and this movie could have just easily coasted on the charm of the lead actors, but No, the writers had something more in mind, something we are yet to see in Nollywood up until now.

In between the comedy and emotional rollercoaster of this movie, the highlights are arguably the music. From the opening score to the end credits, the movie flexes its melodious prowess to full effect. This isn’t a Nigerian high school musical re-enactment, no, far from it. The themes & messages in this movie are far more mature, but the director does a good job of introducing modern day Nollywood fans to the potential of musicals in Nollywood. The lead actors perform admirably also, committing fully to the performances, even though with keen observation, you just may be able to spot the lip syncing, but thankfully it’s nothing to deter from the overall performance.

Shows like Industreet have shown that musical numbers have its place on the small screen, now “The Eve” takes it up a notch by adopting this concept to the big screen and it is nothing short of applaudable.

So while we continue to ponder on the possibility of these lead actors just going all out and starting a boy band, we can’t help but admit that the movie is as ambitious as it is unique and this is a welcome addition to our growing list better looking/straight to cinema Nollywood movies.

The Eve is Set to hit cinemas near you on the 29th of March and will also feature lead actresses including Mega Otanwa, Beverly Naya, Toni Tones & Hauwa Allahbura, Ronke Oshodi as well as the ever hilarious John Okafor (Mr Ibu).


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