Exclusive: How Boyfriend Murdered Night Club Owner Susan Yusuf + Pics

Posted on February 11 2012 , at 12:14 pm
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By Osagie Alonge and Joseph Akahome

Blood stains on the floor of the deceased’s apartment

A gruesome scene played itself out at the 1004 housing estate in Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday, February 10, 2012, as Lagos club owner Susan Yusuf was stabbed by a man believed to be her boyfriend Idris.

Estate security this morning confirmed Susan’s death, saying the shocking event occurred at about 9:30PM. Apparently, the night club owner screamed for help when things took a violent turn with Idris, who sources claim is a regular visitor to her residence, but not even her neighbour, popular Mo’Hits singer Wande Coal, could come to her aid, as the music in his apartment was allegedly quite loud.

NET investigations revealed that the couple had been indoors all evening, when all of a sudden, an argument ensued, leading to Idris repeatedly stabbing Suzy with a bread knife.

The deceased lived in flat 606 in block D5.

She was shouting Wande’s name but the music as usual was too loud for him to hear’, one resident said. Wande Coal was unreachable at the time of this report; we however saw General Pype walk past flat 606 and enter a nearby apartment. Another resident claims when Wande found out what was going on, he tried to intervene.

When residents tried to apprehend him, Idris reportedly jumped from the 6th floor, dying on impact. ‘The guy is her boyfriend. He usually comes and sleeps over, buys groceries and rides her car’, another resident told us.

She died in the elevator while neighbours were trying to get her to the hospital. An eye witness tells us she was bleeding and holding on to her sides as she bled out, but gave up the ghost soon after.

‘Suzy doesn’t really stay at home around that time. We are all still surprised why she was at home at that time, knowing she leaves the house around 5 or 6PM and returns at about 7AM in the morning’, a security guard who would rather remain anonymous tells us.

‘This is a very very sad situation’ said one resident. ‘The whole estate is beyond shocked, the manner of violence is unbelievable’.

Both bodies have been taken to the mortuary.

When we visited the 1004 Apartments this morning, normal activities in the estate had resumed.

The Nigerian Police Force from the Bar Beach police division have however paid a visit to the murder scene and obtained the key to the late club owner’s Prado Jeep (license number CP630-AKD).

Upon questioning, the Police remained mum. ‘Please get in touch with our P.R.O’, an officer who refused to disclose his name told NET. We later saw them pumping the  deflated tyres of the deceased’s Prado Jeep. We’re told the jeep will be taken over to the station.

Ms. Yusuf was the owner of SQ Lounge, a Lagos-based night club. The club was briefly renamed Club Jonzing last year, following a partnership with pop star D’Prince.

Her close friends say prior to yesterday’s tragic event, she was planning a ‘Table for two’ Valentine’s Day dinner at SQ Lounge.

Her flat has now been sealed off by the police.


We have just visited SQ Lounge. The atmosphere, expectedly, sober and the property is under lock and key. But NET was able to get info from security staff who say the deceased was at the club yesterday. We’re told she stopped by briefly,then left for home, telling her staff she would be back.

‘Madam and Idris were like 5 and 6. They would drive each other’s cars. They still had lunch together here on Thursday’, a security staff tells us.

Another source says Suzy’s relatives have been contacted but are reluctant to come see her.

We were also reliably informed that her body was rejected by several hospitals when they rushed her there.

blood stains in Suzy Q’s apartment

Suzy Q’s Prado Jeep

The SQ Lounge vicinity, abandoned…






Photo Credit: Bamidele Adeyemi

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  • This is really sad & bad press image for our youths & country as a whole. How did we get to this point as a nation of murderers? This is really #DEEP, may soul their soul rest in peace with the Almighty. #SAD

  • Itz so sad 2hear may their soul rest in peace, and wande should be warn to reduce d loudness of his music incase of next time

  • Why do women have to be @̤̥̣̈̊̇ ŧн̣̣̣̝̇̇̇ε̲̣̣̣̥ receiving end all d time? Another precious creation wasted to domestic violence.I just wonder where Nigeria ȋ̝̊̅̄ş heading to. God pls have Mercy…RIP

  • The long n short of it is that they are both gone,after death,its judgement.where will you spend eternity?what we have to spend here onn earth is ephemeral compared to eternity.live right 4 God so that u can be saved from the wrath to come.

  • I really dnt know either but it is very Pathetic and amazing how God’s creature can be so evil and mean,May God save have mercy on our souls.

  • Can this b real? its unbelievable how things u see in movies play out in real life here. Another women again murdered in cold blood by someone who is supposed to be a partner. Recall d woman that was murdered by her hubby last year! Shame! How safe are the ladies out there? Wives, girlfriends, partners- Just how safe are they? This is so so sad. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

  • Why are Nigerian men getting so violent suddenly??
    As a bloke if you don’t want a woman any more; just ‘walk’ !! What a waste of young lives…..may they rest in peace. Amen.

  • Did an in-bar job 4 nigerian breweries last decembr nd club sq was 1 of our outlets. I knw dat lady, she is gat dis black beauty, tall nd model like figure, always lukn fly 2 impress any man dat walks past her, ajebota 2 da core. Kinda rude thou, bt she was full of life. *stil in shock y she had 2 die dis way*

  • Hmmmmm…. So so Pathetic,God alone knows what actually happened dere but whateva it is, shuldnt have amounted 2one taking another’s Life, a Gift given by God. May God have Mercy on our Souls, we shuld try2 seek God more than Earthly Things. All is Vanity & a Waste of Livelihood! May God in his infinite Mercies grant us repentance & give us d Grace 2know him b4 our demise on Earth. May God 4give & accept their Souls. Amen.

  • So so so crazy in fact i cant just understand what going on in Nigeria and i always think twice before i read news cause definitely something terrible will happen why why did he just kill her for nothing .. May her soul rest in peace

  • Its nothing to be happy about & as for d guy, he just proved how stupid he was wen he jumped from a six story building. How tragic.

  • This is sad.Whats going on?Whitney houston just died and now this sensless murder.Does it mean people cant settle issues without violence?Cant a man walk away if the lady dosent want again and vice versa?
    Now both are dead and for no just cause.
    Nonetheless,may their souls rest in peace!
    Please guys,lets calm down and shun violence.nigeria was never like this.God bless you all

  • am a close friend of idris if i may go further,he can never hit a fly. check out the way he laid on the pavement, is that the someone who committed suicide ought to have been? we are all humans here, the police should investigate properly before concluding which i know they’ll.

  • Hnnn….. I pray God forgive them and grant their family the fortitude to bear their loses. Its shocking ?

  • May her soul rest I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace,infact i feel Ƒσя d lady God will have Mercy on her. Guz °ƒ dis days are heartless abeg.advice Ƒσя our Ladies pls k№w the kind °ƒ guy u keep or role with.May God Ԋэlp us all IJN

  • Its really so painful.wateva might ave happened btw them,no one knws.wait o! Where is police taking her car to. Na d car b witness or d dead body.

  • i suspect foul play. Check it out, dia ways of killin pple wt out traces. In ds case, wot if an assassin held both at gun point, murderd d chk nd over powerd d bf, whom he throw down d storey. Who in hs rite mind ‘ll jump frm such height al cos he’s being chased.

  • Its really so sad how people can allow themselves to be used by the devil,pls pls pls people always learn to control your temper.when you are very angry,no matter what,just walk away.may their souls rest in peace.

  • If Idris killed susan the unrepentant night club owner and committed suicide, then their souls cannot rest in peace. Let’s stop being hypocritical

  • There is a big anger management problem in Nigeria. Both men and women are equally guilty. What is worse, people tolerate bad behaviour in the early stages while making excuses.

    it almost always ends in violence against somebody. Not to preach or anything, but American jails are getting full of Nigerians spouses men with anger mgmt issues. the women are also guilty…too.

    may their souls rest in peace

  • Some men are animalistic in nature,how dare u stAb ur babe ,wife or how ever,do u still call dat love?may her soul rest in peace .its so sad.

  • Sad event, but somebody should tell me why the police impounded the lady’s car. Is this for bail out or what? Nothing happened in the car as far as we know. Its good enough that the house was sealed off, but the car? Nigerian Police!

  • That guy is going straight to hell. Except of course there’s something else behind it. Idris what was his name?. Does anyone know?. Dis is very tragic. May God help us all and may she rest in peace.

  • I am not happy with this report.

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Suzy is a MARRIED WOMAN with CHILDREN.

    WHO IS IDRIS to her.

    Where was her husband?

    Also, Suzys matrimonial home is NOT in 1004.

    She kept an apartment in 1004 that her husband didnt know about??? Double Life Maybe?

    Pls lets ask the right questions.


  • Why re muslims so violent in every way?is it that they have been brain washed or there ve no brain 2be washed in the 1st place. Its so sad that the promising lady died cheaply cos of Boko haram’s relative. Glad he died a painful death too

  • @ceo I strongly agree wit u, where d hell r t cops taking d car to? Na d car commit d crime? 9ja police sef, dem can do wetin no concern dem! Abeg make dem investigate d issue well, coz to me der a lot unsaid about wot really happened out der.

  • Any married woman dat cheats on d husband should be purnished. She got hers in a bad way but God knows best. Married women should learn from dis. Be faithful 2 ur husband & ve d fear of God in u. RIP suzy & idris.

  • if truely she was a married woman with kids, then i think the POLICE should luk past the bf killing her and then committing suicide and ask the HUSBAND for an alibi at the time of the murder.inshort why i dey even talk like this sef,we all know say nigeria police no sabi investigation.RIP to the dead.

  • Romans 6:23 says’For the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life..’ What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul’.Let this be as a warning to we youths who are into this boyfriend and girlfriend game.Be wise and play your games wisely!For those of u dat are judging either Idris or Suzy,my bible says,’ JUDGE THOU NOT!!!’ whatever,God knows how and why.
    My condelence goes 2 both families! pls take heart.The bible says ‘B4 i formd thee in d womb,i know thee’

  • No double standard life of a person makes heaven. Married pple be faithful to ur partner, d singles(unmarried) know dt ur body is d temple of God. Don’t sign contract with d devil.what is his specialize in doing is to kill, steal and destroy. Don’t let pple learn from ur example, learn from others and leave a right live. So, sad dt both ended this way.

  • Its really sad o.whateva haPpened this is like an end time story….sad..unfortunatey in Nigeria things are not straight they could have been doin drugs together.who knows.

  • Am I the only one who sees a foul play. For all we know wande coal put the volume up on purpose so he could use it as a defense. How convinent dat it happened after she ended her partnership with Dprince. And FYI idris was not her boy friend. Please get your facts right.

    • @Ladi..it is wrong to base your suspicion on such assumption…like the neighbors said..his music was loud “as usual” don’t act like you have a personal grudge on the mo hits crew!! I think you should get your facts right as well

  • ladi plz set us straight. give us the facts? what was her relationship with him? 4 those who knew her. where is her hubby? what tribe is she from? any siblings?

  • I don’t really understand, why would some 1 stab his follow being to death that’s wickedness. May there suol rest in peace sheet happens

  • @ unknown feb 12th 11.48pm, I must say you are big fool ( as described in the bible), because of all you saw in the report, u chose to call the guy a boko haram relative because he bears Idris, what if he is a converted Xtian. That apart, considering the fact that someone stated she is a married woman, does the bible teach us to commit adultery, why was she always in the coompany of this man in an intimate manner as stated in this report. What about the pastor that killed his wife last year, what about the boyfriend that killed his girlfriend in lekki last year. Are these guys also moslems and relatives of boko haram. Brethren, pls analyse a person based on there individuality, not by ethnic group, religion or skin color, as you sure know judgement belongs to God alone

  • Hmmmmm I no fit shout, can’t believe she’s gone, I came in contact with her last year wen I went to SQ to luk for a job, she ws cute thou but ders notin cool bout her, cos she ws darm rude. Anyways may her soul R.I.P. D police shuld really luk into dis cos I strongly doubt idris killed her

  • I sense a foul play and dey are both dead to reveal d truth,I knew her and she ws a rude one,and a lot off ple whu cme in conytact wit her also sed she’s rude.if she was married d police shud investigate her hubbby cos e myt av a hand in it,and nt jus ha hubby bt oda ppl whu are close to her cos u myt b suprised she has anoda jealous bf sumwhr.

  • This is sad..theres more to this story abeg..the idris i know wud not hurt a fly..i think the same person that stabbed susan killed idris to cover up their act..idris was a mechanic.he was my neighour in abuja plus ive known him for over 20yrs.. He told me he was going to lagos to see his mum and he never returned sob sob sob.. Rip uba

  • Ubah(idris) may Ūя̲̅ soul rest in peace cos no one knows the actual story. The two people involed я̩̥̊e dead! No one to tell us wuh we dont know α̲̅πϑ correct the one we think we know
    Wande coal is a suspect!!!

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