What Ever Happened To ‘The Best Rapper In The World’ Vic O?

Posted on July 11 2018 , at 01:10 pm
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2015- 2016 was the year of Vic O. The self-titled best rapper in the world was on a high. He was the talk of Nigerian social media, trending every other week for his bold claims. He scored major interviews- where he made bewildering statements such as ‘Jay Z called me…yeah. But I lost my phone so that’s why I don’t have his phone number anymore’. In the thick of the beef between hip-hop artistes Drake and Meek Mill, Vic O released a track aimed at ending the careers of both of them. If anything, his self-belief in his abilities was remarkable- he truly believed he was The Best.


Soon came along another US-based ‘rapper’ Speed Darlington who followed the Vic O model. A few diss tracks later, he became a threat to Vic O’s position as Nigeria’s number 1 buffoon social media sensation.

Today, Vic O not much has been heard from Vic O. Word on the streets is that he moved back to his Italy base to face his hustle (whatever that is). From time to time he tweets links to new releases and ‘threatens to end the careers of Drake, 50 cent, Nas as he has ended the careers of ‘all African rappers.’

Try as much as he can though, his place has been usurped by Speedy Darlington who not only uses the internet to push his music but has found a way to bring people into his everyday life.


His posts range in subject and location every time- one minute he’s ‘papping off’ and celebrating the purchase of his new car, the next he’s letting you all know that he bought it used. He would practically beg fans to buy his music and say ‘$2 is something’, unlike Vic who still maintains he’s a hiphop mogul.


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