“He Drives A 2018 Lamborghini”- Neighbours Complain About John Boyega’s Pastor Cousin

Posted on January 16 2019 , at 12:57 pm
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Tobi Adegboyega, the 38-year-old cousin of Hollywood film star John Boyega is been accused of upsetting his neighbours in the UK highbrow city of Surrey.

According to the Daily Mail, Adegboyega who is a pastor is fond of speeding through the quiet neighbourhood in his exotic cars and hosting noisy parties. He was said to have hosted a particularly loud one on Christmas Eve.

Some of the neighbours who spoke to the British paper said they didn’t know what business he did, apart from being a pastor, that could afford him luxuries such as his £2.5 million pound home, his vehicles and his high-end fashion choices.

I don’t know where he gets his money from but he used to drive a 2018-plate Lamborghini with a personalised number plate ‘PA5TOR’, which is worth about £200,000 and now has a Roller. If I’d known that being a Pastor was so lucrative I’d have taken it up as an occupation too,” an unidentified neighbour said to the Daily Mail.

Adegboyega himself is dismissive of the accusations, calling the neighbours “resentful and racist”.

“Some of those residents are disgusted with the fact that young black people live on a luxury estate that is otherwise made up of white people aged in their 60s and above. When I first moved in two years ago I tried to introduce myself to some of the neighbours but many of them were just not interested… We’ve had altercations before where neighbours have sworn at us and one of our female members was called an ‘idiot backward person’. It’s racism plain and simple,” he said.

He also explained how he’s able to drive expensive cars that make his neighbours suspicious.

“One of our members runs a luxury car rental company, which is why I have nice cars. I don’t’ actually own them, they’re leased.

“We also have African food outlets and over the last ten years or so, I’d say that the organisation has bought about 25-30 properties, mainly dilapidated ones, renovated them and sold them on for profit, pouring the cash back into the organisation.”


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