Code Wilo Reminds Us All That Female Leads in Political Drama Should Be A Thing

Posted on February 22 2019 , at 02:40 pm
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It is early 2019. We’re in Nigeria, a country which is in another year of its general elections.

Hearts are racing, hopes are raised and everyone’s gingered to make things right for the next four years.

And while everyone wants one thing unanimously – a free and fair election ushering in the right candidate – the country still does not seem to have hopes for a female candidate to sit in the highest seat of power in the land.

And that is why a movie like Code Wilo is very important right now.

In the movie which uses visual storytelling to talk about the ills, drama and tension that is usually prevalent during the election season in Nigeria, a woman is willing to take her chances and run for Governor.

While we do not see the behind the scenes action of how she got here or why her elder brother – a man who has enjoyed his time as a Senator – seems disturbed by her new move.

Yet, what we have is a woman who will not be moved by whatever distractions that come her way.

Strong women roles are not new to Nollywood.

In fact, the Industry has seen, for decades, women taking up strong lead roles that don’t include weeping or overly dramatic behaviours for a while now.

Yet, while these roles exist, they never consider a woman for roles that include wanting power/governance, positively.

In 2016, shows like ‘The Governor’ and ‘Hush’, showcased strong females gunning for/owning real power in its story world.

It was a welcome development. However, while Nollywood seemed to have the ‘nerve’ to show TV shows like this in two different series on two different platforms in one year, it did not seem like this culture travelled far in film.

It is in these times that Code Wilo presents that type of woman.

And not only does the film do this, it also figures out a way to not make a woman wanting to own her throne, a bad woman.

It balances its storytelling with its lead cast member being who she wants in an unapologetic manner.

Code Wilo may not be the film you show to your boys/girls on a movie night while you all kickback and drink, but it is definitely the film you will talk to them about.

A film that will help you see what’s truly needed as much as free and fair elections; a woman given the chance to rule. And more roles in Nollywood depicting that.

Because it is about damn time.

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