Check out the 7 worst dressed celebs at the 2017 Grammys

Posted on February 13 2017 , at 07:03 pm
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  • Some celebs at the 2017 Grammys missed the fashion memo

Some celebs at the 2017 Grammys missed the fashion memo

The Grammys held on Sunday, February 12 in Los Angeles and the celebs came out for the event.

While some looked forward to the awards they’d win on the night, others came to make a fashion statement.

In the end though, a number of them were a miss with their outfit.


7. Lipless

The singer would’ve been off this list if he showed us his face

All he needed to do was take off the mask, gloves and hoodie to look like a normal being.


6. Joy Villa

Wait, Joy Villa looks beautiful here

We know what you’re thinking. Why is Joy Villa on the list? *sigh

Who are we kidding? She looks good.

NOT! She took off the white garment and left us feeling shocked and very much betrayed in an apron front looking dress that shows her support for Donald Trump.

Joy Villa
Perhaps she was out for the shock value

Not cool sis…not cool.


5. Santigold

Nice outfit, but wrong event

Safe to say Santigold came straight from choir practice because that dress and those shoes … not working love, not working.


4. Carlon Thompson-Clinton and George Clinton

Definitely on the wrong red carpet

That purple velvet dress looks like something not fit for such an occasion and let’s not even get started with the oversized white hood robe thingy on her man.


3. Jacqueline Van Bierk

Jacqueline with the CDs

Number three on the list is the walking CD rack Jacqueline Van Bierk. Isn’t it ironic that she didn’t go home with even half of a Grammy?

But then again, if this dress is a reflection of how creative her mind is, then it’s not surprising that she only came to warm a seat.


Girl Crush

The balls on Girl Crush to show up for the ceremony in this though

A fashion ‘statement’ like this looks like a desperate cry for attention.

If you want to stay relevant honey, put in some more effort into what you do rather than this lame attempt at publicity. Muah!


1. CeeLo Green

What in the world CeeLo?!

The ‘top prize’ here goes to none other than tinfoil man himself, CeeLo Green.

He looks like he was bathed in some sort of gold pigment. Although, if his aim was to look like the dressed up version of ‘The Thing’ from Fantastic 4, then he nailed it.

CeeLo and The Thing are doppelganger goals

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