Breaking News! Chidinma Wins Project Fame Season 3

Posted on September 25 2010 , at 08:05 pm
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By Dimeji Ogedengbe

The little girl wins big...

After several weeks of hard work; the training and grooming from the faculty team, harsh criticisms from the judges and the in-house quarrels amongst the housemates, a winner has finally emerged in the third season of Project Fame West Africa. Amid tension, fear, hopes and high expectations Chidinma was tonight pronounced the winner of Project Fame West Africa season 3.

The last six contestants – Kesse, Ochuko, Eyo, Tolu, Yetunde and Chidinma lined up after their performances for the night, waiting for the breaking news. The comperes, Benjamin and Adora delayed the announcement as usual, raising the fright even more. Their eyebrows were blinking per second. They breathed in and out almost every minute – the tension is heightened.

The studio was quiet for few minutes as the validated voting result, enclosed in an envelope was handed over to the hosts. Even the Joke Silva led faculty crew looked tensed. Eventually, Chidinma Ekile who drastically improved in the cause of the show was pronounced the 2010 Project Fame star as she was presented the cheque of N2.5m and keys to a brand new Toyota RAV4. She’s also entitled to a recording contract.

It’s the first time a lady is winning the contest. And Chidinma’s win makes it the third time a Nigerian is coming tops.

Gifted Ghanaian singer Kesse Frimpong was named 1st runner up winning- N1.5m and a Toyota Corolla while Eyo Eminue made the 2nd runner up position and went home with N1m and a Toyota Yaris.

Fan-favourite Yetunde (a.k.a. Omo Ibadan) was named third runner-up.

The other two contestants, Tolu Adeshina and Ochuko Ogbu-Sifo didn’t completely lose out of the competition as the top six contestants are expected to release a group song, produced by one of Nigeria’s leading producers; a well as a video.

Ultima boss Femi Ayeni tells us the Academy is committed to pushing and supporting all six finalists…

Iyanya was the winner of the debut edition MTN Project Fame (season 1) in 2008. Shortly after his historic win he released a single and eventually an album which ushered him into the hall of fame of Nigerian musicians.

Mike Anyasodo emerged the second winner of season 2 in 2009. With his debut album in the pipeline, he has released several singles including the recent ‘Fine Fine Lady’ which is receiving massive airplay on TV and Radio stations in the country.

Now it’s Chidinma’s turn to rock stardom, with her already acquired platform. Hopefully she would be the next big thing happening to the Nigerian music industry in a matter of months….

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  • Daylight robbery..dis is a biggest joke..chidinma win wat,she was picked cos she's 'sellable' rily wonder y d hell we watch all dis scam reality shows,d gal can't sing to save her own life….am so upset cos like bba nd d rest mtn is such a fraud

  • Yes i support you…because i don't see what she's singing….compare her with yetunde….i don't think i will be watching all this shit anymore….

  • Dis is so unfair!!!! Ow can chidinma win? Aint ntn good. Abt dat voice! And ow exactly did eyo get in the top four??? Mtn sucks!

    • I am very sure that some of these people who are saying that Chidinma is not good enough never voted. If they had voted for their choices, may be the result would have been different. Well I am happy that Chidinma won because I voted 62 times for her. If you did not vote at all or never voted much, you have no moral right to complain because the power was in your hands to determine the winner.

      Congrats Chidinma

  • I think these people should go back to school to find out the dictionary meaning of 'Reality show'…it is not encouraging!

  • I think the organizers of all these shows should go back to school to find out the real meaning of 'Reality show'…it is not encouraging!

  • Fraud!!!…dis is notin but a bias show, reality show my foot…thk God i never waste my money on any of d fraudulent promo put up by d telecoms operators.

  • haba,it's notin but ojoro,hw do they tink the rest who is much more fantastic than chidinma will feel?well,lets leave mtn alone wit her partial.

  • Yes oooo , i new chidinma deserve it she got the voice but couldnt use the stage, kesse got raggae voice only but could use the stage…so chidinma deserves it, i am so happy my prediction as been coming thru since Project fame season 1.

  • Kesse deserves to be d winner but is not a Nigeria. I don't knw wat happened to Tolu. The result is fake. Think we shld be truthful to ourselves.

  • What a HOT MESS! Anyway sha it was really a popularity contest 'cause if it was based on vocals only, she wouldn't have made top 4 @ all.

    Anyhow sha, congrats and I pray she drastically improves before her first album hits the market.

  • hey! do u know what u are saying @ all.. i hope u are not talking abt chidinma….she got what they call Harmony vocal, if you dont know that now get to know..

    • Yes ohh the best has gotten the price, for those of you yet to be convinced please try to get the clips of performance rigth fro day 1 and that will surely tell you that CHIDINMA deserves to be the winner. Tolu would have won it because we all tipped him for the price but he fumbled toward the end. Cheers

  • Hey guys don't allow ur emotion to becloud your judgement!! however you are all entitle to make your opinion known. I think those people that voted for her are conscientious, but hey the gal is too young and small, hope a good manager is in the waiting to guide and not allow her to be corrupted by the so called fame.


  • Wat da scrap are u guys posting? Chidinma ve gat it all, she is now a complete package….. Vocally, lyrically and stage wise….. She is damn blazing hot! tumbs up gurl! ….Hahahahagagagagagah!

  • meeeeeeeeeeeeen u guys should stop been unfair, i would have said is a cheat if chidimmma eventually did not win, cos she is the best baby. chidimma pls keep it up. and i pray God improves you more. thank u mtn project fame

  • this is total rubbish,mtn has just degraded themselves.How can chidinma win and eyo in the top four,so it is tolu that replaced eyo.Mtn and ultima studio are very very stupid

  • were on earth did mtn bring dis stupid set of judges 4rm?.chidinma dos nt wot it at al…if it wer ochuko or yetunde i would have popped champagne, but 4 chidinma i wil pop zobo n kunu…

  • In all fairness, Queen Chidimma deserves to win. Apart from being very good, she also got the highest number of votes. Pls let's bury personal sentiments and give her a standing ovation. Perhaps the only pending issue is why and how Tolu who should have been 3rd, was substituted for Eyo who got the least number of votes!

  • I really thought tolu and yetunde should have come one of the tops, don't know what happened. I think chidinma and kesse were favoured to sing popular songs towards the end of the contest. Well congrats to them.

  • It's so amazing my girl,Chidima emerges d winner of PFWA season 3.At last,it's a dream come true 4 a girl 2 rise 2 stardom.CHIDIMA u make we, d girls proud.however, how come Eyo fits in 2 d runner ups when there's is Tolu and Ochuko?

  • This is unfair,chidima isnot suppose 2 win at all.every competition in nigeria is always parshality.maybe chidima’s parents has bribe d should better know what they are doing.

  • This is arratnonsence,chidima isnot suppose 2 win at all.every competition in nigeria is always parshality.maybe chidima’s parents has bribe d should better know what they are doing.

  • Mtn you guyz are fraud. I cant belief eyo to win instead of Tolu. Is it called ultimate or ultima studio?you guyz have realy shown the nigeria stuff you are made up of,corruption. I gues one of the ladies there likes Eyo

  • MTN dis is unfair! eyo off all pple taken a lead on OMOIBADAN & TOLU haaaaaaaaa! MTN e ni kure!! @CHIDIMA i think u deserve it.

  • Everybod should mind d way they talk about Chidinma becos she deserve d win, she has been teaching everybody in d house when comes to individual songs, she is harmony vocal and gud, maybe u pple re not following the programme very well from monday to sunday. MTN pls carry go

  • Chidnma is simply the best. I would have beeen very angry if she didn't win. You guys should appreciate my sister. HABA.

  • ChidinmA deserves it oooh! Buh eyo ddnt thou! Wish t was tolu instead of dt rubbish eyo!! Chidinma! Go girlllll! I love yhu…..xoxo

  • again for those saying chidinma doesnt deserve the winning then i guess u are a music fan, u are not a music lover and dont have indept of what music consist(no offence here,that is the truth coming from the music house),but for those saying E yo doesnt deserve it, you got the right instinct e yo is no singer, got no voice to sing but was fortunate, Tolu shld have taken maybe eyos place or yetundes place runners up,but its all done now, its always a wonderful show…as they always get the right person for the 1st position since it all started

  • All said and done Mtn and Altima studios have done the biggest roberry of the Year! Thank una o.anyway 4 Chidinma its credible 4 her to win but EYO! Gash.Too bad a choice.

  • KESSE 1ST, CHIDINMA 2ND, OCHUKO 3RD, YETUNDE 4TH. This was my prediction. Why? If anyone watched the competition last season, you'd agree with me ( if you're a true music enthusiast) that there were no extra ordinarily talented competitors this year. The last six each have good voices but they were not consistent. We all saw how Tomiwa and Nicholas changed the atmosphere when they were invited to perform. At a point I was making excuses for them, believing there were technical hitches or something. But when each of them gave me all the conviction I needed. I think Chidinma won beacuse she's very attractive,unassuming and also has a star aura.She does have a great voice, but didnt exactly find her voice at the academy. She always seemed self conscious any time she performed. Kesse didnt come first because he's Ghanaian and compared to Lagos alone which has a TV fan base of over 10 miliion, do the Math. By the way, how many of you voted for ur favourite contestant? Remember, the votes and not the judges, determine the winner at the end of the day. Chidinma has won and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

  • Check the names of those crying foul and hoping Chidinma DIDN'T win; they are all from the same part of Nigeria. Check the names of those saying Tolu and Yetunde OUGHT to have won; same part of the country… Nigerians need deliverance from ethnic bigotry!!

  • *From me: Chidinma, Her voice, CAPTIVATING, her performances, simply STUNNING, her style, simply UNIQUE, her originality, SECOND TO NONE, her daring attempts at songs, OUT OF THIS WORLD. She has made me SPEECHLESS.I got stuck to you the very first time I listened to you sing, there is something magnetic about you! There is something out of this world about your delivery and dynamism:

    Mariah Carey will give you a standing ovation

    Celine Dion will give u a big hug and whisper to your ears…..’You will give me a run for my money’

    Whitmey Houston will scream your name and say ‘Here comes my successor’

  • D choice of d winner is a product of monies generatd to mtn thru votes & nt d talent/gift of d contestants…wake up guyz!


  • let them say, why didn't they vote for their own to win. abeg, leave ultima and MTN project fame alone. God bless them. Mummy Joke, bros Ben, Sis Ige & Keffy, God bless u people for bringing out the best out of them all. this is 4 real. i love u all. Chidinma, u're in deed a star God bless u once one. Amen. keep it up.


  • I think Chidinma really deserve the prize.MTN choose the best in dis year season.Thumbs up to our star-CHIDINMA

  • I think Chidinma really deserve the prize.MTN choose the best in dis year season.Hearing her voice make my knee go weak.Thumbs up to our star-CHIDINMA

  • for me i think all those people saying that Chidinma does not deserve to win are just enemies of progress. Why not stop being jealous and do something meaningful with our lives. DoNT MIND THEM CHI,U R SIMPLY D BEST

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