Blackface Talking About 2Baba’s Lawsuit Now Is Obviously A Ploy To Generate Buzz For His Upcoming Album

Posted on July 19 2018 , at 04:12 pm
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One day, the animosity between former friends and Platashun Boiz Blackface and 2Baba might end but that day is not today.

For the nth time, Blackface- who in fairness has been the more communicative party in the matter- has raised the issue of the rightful songwriter of African Queen, the 2004 song that made 2Baba a truly internationally successful act. This time, Blackface has revealed that 2Baba and his longtime partner Efe Omorogbe, has slammed him with a 50 million naira lawsuit. This he did by posting a photograph of the summons on Instagram. Then he added in the caption that he and his legal team would file a countersuit- after which he would release his forthcoming album ‘Rising Sun Vol 2’.

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It is not the first time Blackface would publicly name and shame his former friend for not paying him the royalties accrued from the African Queen track. In 2017, he flat out accused 2Baba of ‘stealing’ his song Let Somebody Love You – a claim 2Baba and his management denied. At the time, Omorogbe spoke about their decision to seek legal redress for the constant ‘slander and allegations of theft’. It appears they finally did.

However, going by the photograph Blackface published, the summons was signed on February 28, 2018, but served on him on April 4, 2018. So it is not a recent development, it’s over three months old.

So why is Blackface just talking about it? He said it himself- because he has an album in the works and talking about 2Baba gets him attention. It’s that simple really.

While one is not holding brief for 2Baba, it is hard to deny that Blackface’s constant gripe has become monotonous and it is always hinged the same issue. In a Loose Talk podcast episode, he practically took the credit for all the success his former bandmate has had: from his moniker to his style of singing and writing, to his successful hits, Blackface claimed to be the originator. He even went as far as insisting that 2Baba’s first album was successful because he still had ‘traces of the Platashun in him’.

It then becomes glaring that Blackface not only wants his due (which 2Baba’s camp insists he was given) he does want the attention that comes with it. Clever, but hardly intelligent.

The gulf between the two is obvious and a less charitable soul might accuse Blackface of being resentful- after all 2Baba iconic status is all but solidified in Nigeria’s entertainment history- and he still is stuck in the ‘hood’. But after a while, it can get tiring.

And now it is! Now that he has announced that he would countersue, it remains to be seen which of the parties would be favoured by the court. Until then, will he just released the darn album??

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