Bikiya Graham-Douglas Is Nollywood’s Next Box Office Leading Lady

Posted on March 05 2019 , at 05:06 pm
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Bikiyi Graham-Douglas has been around for some time now. With roles in Flower Girl, stage productions and finally, a lead role in Mnet’s Battleground, the Actress has somewhat been paying her dues.

And that is probably why her role in Code Wilo cements what many have had on their minds now – Bikiya just may be joining the list of leading ladies in Nollywood.

Back in 2013, the Actress played an overly excited and chirpy friend to Damilola Adegbite who starred in the leading role in the film, Flower Girl.

At the time, all eyes were set on Dami who was making her first major feature debut.

Fast forward to 2017, when Africa Magic presented Battleground. Bikiyi claimed the hearts of many as the villain, Hadiza Bako whom many hated to love.

Blood after blood, evil after evil and death after death, by the time the second season of the show started to air, Hadiza had gathered more fans than some of her male counterparts with leading roles on the show.


She wore her evil cape well.


In 2019, a film like Code Wilo not only announces itself shortly before Nigeria’s biggest moment since 2015, it brings with itself a leading female, a woman who is running for Governor and who by all indications, deserved it.


That woman is played by Bikiya Graham Douglas.


In a world literally dominated by men, Bikiya holds her own as she will have everyone who watches eating from the palm of her hands. Her audience will root for her, want her to win and even when that dream seems truncated, will most likely pray to the gods of screenplay to let her win.


By the time the film nears its end, the watchers wouldn’t only be rooting for her character, they will be rooting for Bikiya, applauding even.


Because more than fighting the evil forces in this film, she will slay the dragons of acting.


It is basically what she needs honestly to claim her place as one of the leading ladies on the Nollywood big screen.


A place where nobody can shake her when she firmly sits. Literally, nobody.

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