Big Brother Introduced 2 New Housemates: Enkay And Joe

Posted on August 01 2019 , at 04:45 pm
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Big Brother added another ‘twist’ to the show again last night in the form of the two new housemates, Enkay and Joe, and the reactions from housemates were not all positive.

Mercy, Seyi and Tacha were clearly not feeling the entrance of even more new people and they did not pretend to care. However, the entrance of these two new housemates promises to bring more hot pepper for the viewers. It seems that Joe and Khaffi may have had interactions in the past and Joe has clearly stated: “I am here for you.”

Frodd who is gradually becoming our resident flirt and shot shooter hid under the Head Of House title to monopolise time with Enkay in the name of inducting her into the house.

Even Enkay and Joe already had a little bit of drama between themselves for us. It started when Frodd and Joe were talking about living in Abuja and then Joe was asked by Enkay where exactly in Abuja he lived. He got really defensive and he responded rather harshly, “does it really matter?” Enkay was definitely cut off guard by his response but was not having it so she told him that he is “too petty”.

Venita and Elo’s entrance into the house brought us some ‘naughty’ spice but Enkay and Joe’s entrance may be about to give us new ‘love triangles’. We will just have to keep watching to see where this goes eventually. We will be here to give you all of the details as they unfold.

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