Between Gifty, Her Baby And Mr 2Kay’s Paternity Claim

Posted on December 18 2018 , at 11:02 am
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  • A year after denying she was pregnant at all, Gifty reveals that she in fact had a baby while Mr 2Kay insists he's the father.


In what seems like an online version of Jerry Springer Show, Rivers born singer Mr 2Kay has claimed the paternity of one-year-old Alisha, the baby daughter former Big Brother Naija contestant Gifty just yesterday confirmed that she gave birth to last year.

The model and actress had denied repeatedly that she dated Mr 2Kay, let alone got pregnant, even when photos showed her looking evidently expectant.

In an interview with NET at the time, she dismissed the ‘rumours’ of she and him being a couple, also slating him for using her as a publicity stunt. “Anyone can look pregnant, but I am not pregnant, I don’t want to comment on this because I really don’t know what people are saying but I know that people will always talk. f there is anybody to get pregnant for, it will be a great pleasure to be pregnant for Drake. Maybe this is Mr 2kay’s strategy of reminding people of who he is, everyone has their strategy of staying in the limelight and I guess this is one of his strategies,” she said.

On Monday, she announced that she gave birth to the baby daughter in December of 2017 but kept it private. “Because of you, I am a Mom. Something that I’ve always wanted to be and I AM.
Because of you, I know the deepest meaning of love,” she wrote on her Instagram page, signing it off with “Happy Birthday Daughter,
Love you, Mom & Dad!”

However, Mr 2Kay inserted himself into the story by posting a photo of him carrying the baby – who appeared to be only a few weeks old at the time- and saying she looked like her brother- his seven-year-old son.


That hasn’t gone down well with Gifty and she fired back on Instagram with a series of posts that show she, the baby and another man who clearly isn’t Mr 2Kay.

In time, both parties may come to a resolution and Gifty may decide to share the details of her relationship with Mr 2Kay, lest they have a messy case on their hands.


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