Betting on Your Lucky Numbers: How-to-guide

Posted on February 19 2020 , at 02:53 pm
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Betting on lucky numbers is one of the various choices on offer in online casinos, but different from ordinary sports betting. They are not a new concept in the gambling space, but many people still find them a little complex, and would perhaps not dare to try. With this how-to guide, we take you through easy steps that will make you a pro in lucky numbers betting with Betway, and turn your stake into profits.

How lucky numbers work

In order to offer a variety of betting markets, draws of results are irregularly allocated and verified by third-parties. In essence, these draws are automated and extensively verified to offer the variation required, and to bar the slightest alteration.

To help you place a lucky numbers bet, these are the steps that you’ll need to follow.

1. Identify a good website like Betway that offers a variety of markets, reliable money transfer options, as well as trusted user data protection. Much of the website information is available through customer reviews, where you will be able to gauge the authenticity of the site you plan to register with.

2. Click on the tab with Lucky numbers – It is a simple process, but depending on how conspicuous different tabs are placed, you’ll need a website or an app that clearly indicates where every segment can be found.

3. Select a game by clicking on the button indicating “bet now”, then select your preferred market type. With a variety of market types, you have the choice of picking any before proceeding to selecting the numbers you’d love to play.

4. After confidently picking your numbers, choose your wageroption, and view its details on the slip. If there are any changes you’d like to make, there is always the option of reviewing your wager or starting all over again.

5. Finally, after ascertaining everything is correct, place your bet. With lucky numbers with Betway, odds are fixed, and payouts are for the numbers that go as per your prediction. Draw results are released immediately after the confirmation of the respective draw and displayed on the site.


What to bet on

Lucky Numbers allow you to wager on a variety of promising options, hence, you can bet on numbers that have a higher chance of occurring, as opposed to selecting all the eight numbers correctly. Betting on lucky numbers is categorized into two; Regular Draws and Draw Sum.

Regular Draws – This type of bet is based on the mechanism of predicting the balls to be drawn, but unlike a Lotto scenario, with Lucky Numbers you have the freedom to choose how many numbers you want to select. You can choose all eight numbers, or just the one number you predict will draw.

Draw Sum – This category of bets focuses on the sum total of the numbers drawn, for instance, in an eight-number draw, the sum total of all the numbers selected decides the outcome of your bet. In a Draw Sum, bets include Overs/Unders, Odd/Even, and a number range estimated.

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