Aziz Ansari Talks Kanye, MTV, Taylor Swift And More

Posted on June 04 2010 , at 07:11 pm
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By Victoria Ige

The 27 year-old Indian- American actor- comedian who acts as Tom Haverford in NBC Comedy “Park and Recreation” chats with us, ahead of the MTV Movie Awards which he’s hosting…

Will Kanye (West) be invited to the 2010 Movie Awards?

I don’t know.  I’m not in charge of inviting people, so we’ll see, you know.  I think he did something a couple of years ago, I heard, so I don’t know

Yes.  If he is invited, how will you prevent another episode from last year with Taylor Swift?

I think he got enough flak from the last one, that he’ll know to probably stay in his seat. This year, I’m hoping – I’m hoping maybe Ronnie from Jersey Shore will interrupt the Twilight people.  He thinks Jersey Shore should have won best movie and then everyone has to (inaudible) that Jersey Shore is a television show.

Thank you.  If he’s not invited, what do you think about – what do you think he will think about that?

Not invited?  I don’t know.  To be honest, I think he’s like working on his album, I think he’s in music mode, so I don’t know if he’s even aware.

I always wonder in a show like this that do the awards really matter all that much in the end.

They do,.  Wait till you see what happens out there if someone wins the Best Global Superstar Award.  That crew is really going to take off.

How are you preparing yourself for the Awards?  Are you looking at any past hosts and just kind of taking it all in?

I’m trying to really become one with the audience.  So, I’ll just put a poster of Robert Pattinson up on my ceiling and I’ve just been staring at him non-stop.  So, I’m just really trying to getting ahead of the audience.  So, that’s all I’ve got.  I haven’t been lining any jokes; they’re filming (Andy Schwartz).  I’ve just been looking at that poster and hopefully that’ll be ready for June 6.

When they approached you to host, did you have any hesitation?  Or did you have to lay any pros and cons and what were those for you?

No.  I mean, I like the opportunity, you know, – I think for me like it’s definitely really a privilege,

You know, it’s cool to be in such good company.  You know – my background as a stand-up and then doing (sketch) on Human Giant really is like kind of a dream gig, you know, being able to host and do this monologue and do these shorts and stuff.

Yes.  So, when they called, I was really excited.  I think they were a little confused when they called me, though.  I think they were on to the impression that I was a Jonas Brother and when they found out I’m not, they seemed to be kind of trying to keep me out of the show.

I wanted to ask you a question that’s been, you know, answered by so many people; who is Aziz Ansari?  And I wanted to pose that question to you.

I’m a comedian, I’m an actor, and I can also get you a great deal on a brand new Kia Sportage.  Good job at selling Kias.  I work at a Kia dealership located in Glendale, California.  And if you’re interested in a great deal on a brand new Kia, just give me a call.

If you weren’t in comedy, what would you be doing now?

If I wasn’t in comedy, you know, I – when in school, I was going to major in like business and biology, so I guess that means that I’d be selling organs on the black market.

So, as host, you don’t really get too much to be out there, and put your little comedic spin on something, just maybe like the monologue and some shorts.  I know you said you’re keeping some stuff under wraps, but can you let us on in on anything you’re working on?

No.  It’ll – That’ll give away the surprises, but yes I know – you know, I’m very excited about the monologue and the short small stuff.  I really think it’ll be really good.  I’m very excited about the show.  I have a couple of surprises in store. 

I’m going to try to recreate all the big MTV moments in one moment, so it’ll be like, you know, falling on Eminem’s face while Britney Spears is doing a bad performance, while Britney Spears again is kissing Madonna, while Kanye West is interrupting that happening at the same time.  So if that works out, that’ll be a big moment to talk about.

What did you take away from Russell Brand last year?

Russell Brand didn’t host last year that was the Music Awards.  Andy Samberg hosted last year.  And I know Andy.  He’s a friend of mine.  And, you know, I thought he did a great job.  You know, I love all the shots he did, and he did a lot of fun bits and monologue stuff.  You know, I hope I can hold the (kennel) for the job he did, because I thought he did a great job.

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