All The Reasons Why We Love Birthday Boy, Lionel Messi

Posted on June 24 2019 , at 08:59 pm
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As it is Lionel Messi’s 32nd birthday today, we’re taking the time to rave about why we absolutely love the football superstar. Here are all of the reasons why we love the incredible Argentine.


He is an overcomer: Messi has gone on to win almost every award possible in world football, despite that he had a rough start as a kid. At a very young age, Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency that put his footballing career and physical development in jeopardy. His father who had great belief in his abilities took him to Barcelona to join their academy. From age 13, he had to be injected with the hormones his body needed to grow right. He never did grow to be very big, but this only motivated him to develop better skills with ball control.


He has great skills: This cannot be disputed by even his strongest critics. Messi has over years, proven himself to be one of the most skillful footballers to ever kick a ball. His skills on the pitch have endeared him to football lovers across the world.


He makes other footballers around him better: If in doubt, check out how greatly he improved the game play of Luis Sanchez and former teammate Neymar. While both guys are undoubtedly great players, it was obvious that Messi was the glue that made them an unstoppable trio. Also, Messi’s inclusion in any team is usually deemed an advantage. This is because the opponent focuses on the almost impossible task of shutting him out, which in turn opens up spaces for his teammates to explore.


He is loyal: Messi’s critics love to bash him for his loyalty to Barcelona, but it is also a rare trait in today’s footballers. He has been with Barcelona for all of his career and only ever leaves the team to play for his national team, Argentina. He has been with Barcelona for 15 years now and is the highest goal scorer of all times for Argentina. There isn’t any other footballer that has been with a single football team (that isn’t their country’s) for that long.


He is private: Lionel Messi has no qualms with making people fall crazily, irrevocably in love with football, and yet that’s as far as he will let that love get. He is very private and barely ever shows off too much of his life. The biggest glimpse in the footballer’s life you will ever get is his relationship with his kids. Asides his tax evasion issues, Messi has not had any serious scandals through his career.

We know that you love Messi too, so, if there are any other reasons why we should love him that we are missing, feel free to tell us in the comment section. Also, join us in saying a massive Happy Birthday to our Man Crush Monday, Lionel Messi.

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