Adekunle Gold’s Hair Timeline: From The Photoshop Days To The Celebrity Era

Posted on February 08 2018 , at 12:27 pm
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Soul/alternative singer Adekunle Gold recently sparked conversations online when he unveiled his new haircut. While some of his fans were feeling the 90’s retro style hairstyle, a number of other- including his rumoured girlfriend and frequent collaborator, Simi jokingly mocked his new look.

This got us thinking about all the different haircuts that the ‘Call On Me’ singer has taken on so far. Here’s our official Adekunle Gold hairstyle timeline.

The Photoshop King Days

Long before Adekunle Gold blew or knew that he was going to be headlining his very own show in London; he was just a regular dude with a dream. Being the regular guy that he was, Gold rocked a regular guy’s hairstyle. These were the days when he and Simi were not overtly coy about their relationship and Gold was known as the ‘King of Photoshop’.

The Sade Phase

When you get signed to one of the biggest labels in the country, you are no longer a regular Joe from across the street. Given his new status as an official YBNL signee, Gold had to get a look to commemorate the new status. He went for something (or was assigned something) safe but classic, trendy and safe.

The ‘I Am A Celebrity, I Can Do What I Want’ Era

Every celebrity goes through this phase. When they feel like they have finally arrived and can successfully pull off things that normal people can’t get away with, in their heads. Adekunle celebrated this era of self-awareness by trying out some braids. It wasn’t a bad look but it just wasn’t his look. Thankfully he figured it out quickly and moved on. Phew!

The 79th Element Age

Adekunle Gold

In our heads, this is the age that we are still in. This hairstyle came with its own vibe. Gold’s persona as an independent artiste is definitely Gold at his best. The confidence and iconoclast feel and look of this hairstyle seems to be a full circle moment for the artiste and we hope he finds his way back to it.

The ‘I Am A Celebrity, I Can Do What I Want’ Era (Part Two)

There’s technically nothing wrong with this hairstyle. Technically. However, much like the whole braid era, it already seems short-lived and promotional. It might make its way into one photo shoot and probably won’t be featured in any music videos but its fine. He’s a celebrity, he can do what he wants.

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