From Our Achives: The Real Reason Behind Pero And Annie Idibia’s Seven-Year Long Beef

Posted on November 06 2018 , at 03:00 pm
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  • NET gathered that this had troubled the Pop legend for years and this reconciliation has taken out a heavy burden from his heart. 

It’s almost the end of 2018 and big things are happening in the entertainment industry. One of which is the end of one of the longest rivalries to ever come out of the music industry; the reconciliation of two women in the life of Nigeria’s pop legend 2Baba Idibia.

It looked like a scene from a romantic movie, which saw two rival queens come together. Social media became a happy place again as the music legend who has been able to bring together two major figures tied to him referred to their reconciliation as the happiest day of his life.

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                                         Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi

But in case you were wondering what really went wrong between the two women, here’s the real story.

How it all began
Back in the 2000’s when 2Baba began to score major high points in his career as a musician, he had a harem of ladies flocking around him. Some of which were Annie (Macaulay) now Idibia, Pero Adeniyi, Sunmbo Ajaja and Vien Tetsola, but in the midst of it all, he had five children with Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaja. However, relationship pundits will describe his relationship with Pero as the most turbulent the musician would ever have.

The women in 2Face’s life

In 2005, 2Baba met Pero Adeniyi, daughter of POATSON boss Jide Adeniyi. This was a time that the budding Legend was brutally attacked by armed robbers in his FESTAC flat, leaving him and his siblings injured and traumatized.

While on admission at Cedar Hospital, a thousand-and-one ladies trooped in to visit and wish him well. Few were his lovers, many were acquaintances, wanna-be lovers and/or total strangers. Pero Adeniyi belonged to the latter group.

Freshly off a failed marriage, and head-over-heels in admiration for Idibia, Pero became a regular visitor at the hospital, familiarizing herself with Idibia’s  associates and showering everyone including  with gifts. Remember the electronic belt that had ‘2face Idibia’ scrolling non-stop? It was a gift from Ms Adeniyi. And she went on to give him many more gifts – including 3 kids.

But Pero’s affair was, to put it mildly, turbulent. With constant disagreements and violent exchanges, everyone around believed she was not the girl for him. But Idibia was hooked for years, only occasionally disengaging; and not for long.

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2Baba’s Turbulent Relationship With Pero

To say the truth, like every music legend all over the world, 2Baba was a promising young man whom women loved to flock around- and Pero was not going to sit around while unwanted guests tried to take what belonged to her (well at that time, 2Baba belonged to her).

A source close to the family tells us. ‘It is true that the only two women who have a hold on 2baba are Annie and Pero, but pero had a stronger hold on 2baba at the time. There were times that Pero would embarrass 2baba in the midst of his family and friends and there was nothing he could do about this.

‘However 2baba is the only one who can say why he chose to get married to Annie, despite that Pero was there- maybe he found submission with Annie, But Pero herself was a rich kid and the daughter of a Lagos socialite and as such, wouldn’t take nonsense from anybody, not even 2Baba,’ the source told NET.

2Baba’s wedding to Annie
To the surprise of everyone around him, 2Baba would later propose and get married to Annie in 2014. The civil relationship which exists between Annie and Sumbo could not be replicated with Pero and the two constantly butt heads.

He announced his proposal to Annie via facebook ‘I know say my people wan hear the CONFIRM gist!!! Unto say me sef wan move to the next level. We all know that he who finds a wife has found a good thing. I am moving forward ma people. I wanna be with Annie for the rest of my life. Abi how una take see am?

NET Investigations revealed that he had proposed to Annie in the most romantic way ever, trust Annie as a true lover girl, she cried her soul out- Yes they were in love!

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The Cause of the Beef Between Pero And Annie

But Pero has remained in the mix. She never remarried and had been living quietly in the US while taking care of Innocent Idibia’s children innocently till her sister called out Annie for hindering 2Baba from talking to his kids. ‘Do you want the world to know the truth on how you keep him from seeing his kids. Girl….. don’t even go there with me! I am not hiding. I am Pero’s only sister. The older one. This is a clap back season and I am so in on it. how dare you throw a subtle shade?! You think her keeping quiet means she is stupid, you think she doesn’t know how to use to social media to aim fame? Living her life in the US quietly is because she respects her children, loves them and does not show them on social media to score cheap points and cheap likes.

NET gathered that this had troubled the Pop legend for years and this reconciliation has taken out a heavy burden from his heart. 2Baba has been able to broker peace between the two women. Everyone has forgiven each other and it seems like peace which spread like wildfire will go on for a long, long time. This has indeed given the music legend his happiest moment on earth so far

Congratulations to the Idibias- In the words of Shakespeare, Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one; All’s well that ends well.

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