A Low-Level IG Comedian Like Ebiye Thinks Aramide Slept With Organizers For Her Headies Win; Imagine How More Powerful Men See Women

Posted on May 06 2018 , at 01:57 pm
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In 2012, Aramide was a member of ELDee’s Trybe 2.0 experiment. I was working with Bubbles Magazine at the time and we profiled all the artistes on the label. The night before the shoot we sat ELDee’s living room and he played several unreleased songs from his artistes. Although Aramide was relatively less important to the label compared to SoJay, K9 and Eva; it was clear that her gift surpassed all of the others by far.

The next day, she arrived before the others for the photoshoot. We spoke about her journey and how her NYSC primary assignment was at a radio station practically next door to my house in Ibadan at the time. And boy, the girl could sing!

Since then she has changed labels. She moved to Baseline Records where again, it seemed like the execs had a marquee player they would rather spend all the money and attention on. Since 2014 however, she has proved that she’s no push over. Her voice is unmistakable and her dexterity on the guitar is unignorable.

Her career goes as far back as 2006 when she was on a popular talent hunt. She has an album to her credit as well as a number of worthy tunes.

Aramide performing at her gig.

She won her first Headies in 2015 when a certain Instagram buffoon by the name of Ebiye was just finding out how Instagram works. Some people find his one minute skits funny: but I know that once you put these IG comedians on stage, it becomes rocket science. Their art is buffoonery, not comedy.

Last night, Aramide won the Headies award for Best Alternative Song. Somehow Ebiye imagined that his opinions counted, and he dismissed Aramide saying she must have slept with someone to have won.

Like they say, he doesn’t have the range. At best, he’s a slapstick comedian. But his slight shows clearly what women have to deal with. Each success is chalked off to some sort of sexual gratification. When women cry out about the sexualization they suffer by just being themselves, this is what they mean. Despite the fact that Aramide is happily married, this caricature of a being could not help himself by reducing her worth.

Now imagine how more powerful and successful men see women. One wonders who Ebiye slept with for his one hundred and sixty thousand followers.



We must do better. Ebiye is just one person, but he’s a reflection of a very sick industry- and society. Emerging female entertainers deal with sexualization and objectification on a daily basis so it is incredulous to people like Ebiye when a woman actually succeeds. Nincompoops like him cannot believe that she did it by herself and resort to the tired line- ‘she fucked someone to get here’.

Ebiye has ‘apologized’ for his ‘distasteful joke’. But would he have had the cojones to make such a joke if he was standing on stage and being televised live? Would he have made that type of joke if Aramide were standing right next to him? Obviously not. That’s why he became a slimy troll who hid behind a smartphone to insult her on Snapchat.

Aramide has been here since at least 2012. Let’s see if Ebiye would still be around in another six years. Your guess ladies and gentlemen, is as good as mine.

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