How To Save Time And Money With Conference Calls As A Nigerian

Posted on July 15 2019 , at 01:43 pm
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  • Save your time and money with those conference calls today.

Conference calls with your village people are allowed.

Conference calls are sometimes boring, especially when made in official settings where you go over and over a work portfolio with your Nigerian boss. Sometimes, all you want to do is scream at your overbearing boss to take a moment to listen to what everyone else has to say and not assume he’s the only one in the room, but the thought of returning to your house jobless keeps you in check.

However, conference calls are useful and important to drive productive conversations, whether in the formal setting or among friends and family.

Here are instances you may need to connect with others on conference calls as a Nigerian:

1. Getting a job done with your colleagues

When you have a group project with colleagues from the office, it is best to find a suitable time to connect with all involved persons via a conference call to deliberate on strategy, challenges, feedback and progress. This is helpful as it saves cost and time you’d spend calling your teammates one after the other.

2. Catching up with friends

Catching up with friends is an important aspect of socializing and could be tasking if you have little time, particularly when your circle of friends include those who live far away from you or in another country. You can simply connect all mutual friends in a conference call and catch up on everything. This is usually less pedestrian than formal calls and also saves time and money.

3. Family meetings

That meeting your mother has been harping on that you need to show up for (you know, the one about when you’d bring your significant other home and give her a grandchild) can be had over a conference call… Well, if it can’t wait and your schedule is pretty much filled. So, save yourself some time and your mother a heartache by making that conference call with all concerned parties. Good luck.

4. Business/Delivery

For those involved in businesses that require delivery of goods to certain addresses through delivery personnel, making conference calls should be one of the most important options for communication. This mostly saves you the headache of trying fruitlessly to describe an address for the delivery personnel, as the customer receiving the good can give easier description with all involved at the same time.

There you have it, make those conference calls today and pray that the network service providers are not unfortunate with the service.

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