7 Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Man That Are Meaningful

Posted on February 12 2020 , at 06:11 pm
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Valentine is in a few days and there’s been a constant conversation on social media about women giving presents of lower quality than the men. If you are trying to not fall into this category of women, we have the perfect list of gift ideas. 


We asked a group of men what they would like for Valentine’s Day, and we have come up with this list.


Playstation 4: Almost every guy likes video games and what better way to get him to love you more than by getting him something he really wants. While there is a new PS5, it’s not even available for preorder yet so this is still a very valid gift. It costs between 120,000 to 130,000 naira in Nigeria but it would be the perfect gift if you can afford it.


Romantic dinner: Believe it or not, men can be very romantic beings. They also want to be treated to surprise dinners. So get dolled up, plan a sexy candlelit dinner, arrange what he’d wear, and set up your house for a romantic dinner and try to get an instrumentalist to play his favourite love song. It should cost about 50,000 to 70,000 naira.


Electronics: Men like their toys and technology. Asides from food, the other way to a man’s heart is through gadgets. Buy him a big TV, a soundbar, home theatre, even a clipper; whatever you choose, make sure it would be useful to him. The prices will vary based on which electronic you choose to buy.


Fashion items: Men also like to look good and while you can’t buy them expensive hair, you can buy other fashion items. You have your choice pick between shirts, suits, jeans, jewellery, and even clearing their fashion cart on shopping websites.


Work tools: If your man is a hard-working person who uses specific tools for work, then you already have the perfect gift idea for him. Buy him something that helps to improve his craft. You can buy anything from a laptop, camera, sewing machine, power tools, books; whatever he needs.


The new Nigerian jersey: A new Nigerian jersey was unveiled by Nike ahead of the African Cup of Nations set to kick off in March. It should cost about 30,000 to 35,000 naira. It isn’t ready for pre-order yet but you can pledge it as a post-valentine gift. So, you can get the picture and a post-dated cheque with the money for the jersey and give him that, with a cute note promising to buy it as soon as it’s available.


Roleplay Sex: If the only gift you can afford to offer is sex, then you may as well get creative and make it premium. Dress up as his best character of all time, arrange the room like a scene from the play, book or comic and get his own costume too. Proceed to take charge and give him the best sex of his life.

We hope this has inspired you to give thoughtful gifts that’ll make your man happy in this season of love. Tell us which of these gift ideas you are most likely to get for your partner in the comment section below.

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