6 Nigerian Dishes You Can Add To Your Menu List This Weekend

Posted on October 05 2018 , at 03:58 pm
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There is a popular mantra that says “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but then everyone loves food and good food makes the world go round.

Jollof Rice

Forget about Jollof wars, Nigerians make the best jollof rice and no one can resist the aroma of this delicacy especially when paired fried plantain or moi moi and a cold drink.

Swallow And Vegetable Soup

Swallow is a popular term for starchy foods such as pounded yam, Semovita, Eba, fufu and many others. These staple foods are popular across all regions of the country. Pair any of them with vegetable soup and you have a perfect meal.


This is one delicacy that makes the senses come alive. It is made using spices and usually prepared  with catfish, goat meat, and bushmeat.

Beans & Plantain

Whether cooked together or separately, beans and plantain always make a perfect combination and have numerous health benefits.


This is another delicacy made from wet milled beans. It can also be garnished with egg, fish and it goes well with custard or oats.

Fura Da Nunu

Popular in northern Nigeria and made from millet and sometimes with a mixture of soya beans, and fermented cow milk, Fura da Nono is a food drink rich in vitamins and minerals.


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