5 Ways Wives Intimidate Husbands

Posted on March 12 2018 , at 11:10 am
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Most men (especially Nigerians) are intimidated by their women, whether they know it or not; and whether they accept it or not. The reason can be found in how society and parents raise little boys to become men programmed to believe that a girl shouldn’t be better at them at anything. When that happens, they’re ill-equipped to deal with it.

Some men aren’t even aware that the reasons for the friction and tension in their relationship/marriage is through subconscious intimidation because they are with women who are strong, smart, independent and successful. It is often not something the women do consciously.

As I always advise, honest open communication will go a long way in helping 21st century couples manage this new dynamic in relationships; where the woman is no longer a faceless, voiceless, spineless entity who is there solely to be a crutch for the man. Most divorces happen because this isn’t addressed and actively managed.

Here are, in my opinion, ways women intimidate men without consciously meaning to.


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