5 Things You Need To Stay Safe As You Turn Up

Posted on October 25 2019 , at 01:23 pm
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  • Another Friday is here and we already know you're eager for work to be over so you can turn up.


Another Friday is here and we already know you’re eager for work to be over so you can turn up. We fully support your mission but your safety is still important. Here are 5 things you need to ensure you stay safe and your night out doesn’t end in literal tears:

1. Phone: You definitely need your phone for a safe night out, how else are you going to connect with your friends, call a cab and take bomb-ass pictures?

2. Debit card/Cash: this goes without saying, you need to have some money before leaving your house, unless you are Sia. That said, even if you are not paying the bills, you need to have some vex money.

3. Power bank: With all the social media, pictures, calls, and videos you are going to be taking all night, you are going to need a back-up plan to keep your phone powered through the night.

safe night out

4. ID card: With all the SARS drama happening in the country, you know that you have to have an ID Card on you at all times. You need a means of identification, especially a school or office ID when you are going out at night.

safe night out

5. Emergency contact: Before you find yourself somewhere you didn’t intend to go to, you should share details of your cab with a friend, also tell the person where you are going to and who you are going out with for your own safety.


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