5 Things Women With Irregular Periods Can Relate To

Posted on June 29 2018 , at 04:34 pm
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Having an irregular menstrual cycle can make you feel like you’re the only person in the world dealing with this.

You hear all your friends complain about having to buy pads again after just buying them last month, and you feel weird about being jealous, because shouldn’t you be glad you get your period less often? Isn’t that like hitting the jackpot?

Luckily, you’re less alone than you think, because here are 5 things you’ll relate to if you have an irregular period.

1. The underwear struggle

You’ve sacrificed so many cute pairs of underwear because you had no idea when your period would come. Three months is just long enough to slip up and forget to wear a panty liner the one random day your cycle decides to start. And it always happens when you’re wearing a pair of jeans that stain really quickly.

2. The everlasting battle with acne

You roll your eyes at people who think your acne will go away with the right face wash. Hormonal zits are often a lovely part of this package deal and makes you feel perpetually 15-years-old.

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3. Don’t forget the horrible cramps you have to put up with

When your period does come, it can be borderline life-ruining. Hormonal imbalances so often mean heavier periods and absolutely debilitating cramps. Fun.

4. Having to worry whether you’re pregnant

The whole “not-having-a-consistent-menstrual-cycle” thing pairs nicely with your pregnancy anxieties. Is your period just pulling its normal BS, or are you actually pregnant? You’ll buy emergency pregnancy tests at least 12 times in your life just to make sure.

5. Everyone thinks they have the perfect remedy

You are so, so tired of random people trying to diagnose you. Despite the fact that you’ve been in this body your whole life and have had a lot of time to deal with your irregular period, people still like to act like they know the cure. Who knew you just had to eat more vegetables? But also, you still get your period, just a little later than everyone else.


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