5 Signs She’s Ready For Marriage

Posted on January 08 2018 , at 03:06 pm
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It’s a new year and on most single women’s goal for the year is to get married. Guys, this video is directed at you on behalf of all girlfriends. Just in case you’re one of the clueless ones, if she has been exhibiting any of these traits, they are clues that’s screaming “I’m Ready!”.
And if you’re not ready to pop the question and marry her, don’t waste her time; get out of her way so a more serious man can do the needful.
Ladies, if you’ve been dropping these hints and clues but he’s still forming deaf and blind, send him this video. If he still doesn’t take the hint then it’s time to cut your losses and find someone more serious and on the same marital page as you.

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