5 Signs That Old Nollywood Stars Are Back To Reclaim Their Spot

Posted on March 04 2019 , at 05:07 pm
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Over the past years, old Nollywood stars have taken more roles on the big screen.

Actors who made Nollywood a thing in the 90s and 2000s looked like they were taking a break from the big screen for a while.

However, after a few years, they all reclaimed their spot in the spotlight.

In fact, some of them are back to grabbing awards that feature their younger counterparts.

Let’s go through 5 moments where Code Wilo proved to us that old Nollywood stars are back to the big screen for real.

  1. Eucharia Anunobi – albeit taking a minor role in this movie, Eucharia’s performance is nothing short of good. And if anything, a reminder that she is still as amazing and talented as her earlier days in Nollywood. If nothing proves that she is here to stay in this part of Nollywood, then what will?

  2. Kalu Ikeagwu – While Kalu did not belong to a generation that involved the Eucharias, Zack Orjis and Ramseys of Nollywood, he was in a generation that was popping before the big screen became mainstream. And while he has not exactly been missing over the years, Mr Ikeagwu in his role as an entitled Senator shows why he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. Alex Usifo – Many do not remember the last time Nollywood giant, Alex Usifo did anything major in Nollywood. While his (highly talked about) role as Prime in Mnet’s Hush was major back in 2017, Alex Usifo has mostly stayed away from known movies and of course, the big screen. But if Code Wilo had one more thing to inform us, it is that this man just may be a step closer to taking his spot as a regular on the big screen.

  4. The visuals – Back in the time old Nollywood thrived, one of the most amazing things about it was its ability to show affluence, not hold back and showcase culture at its best. That is one of the things one sees in Code Wilo. And it is done beautifully well.

  5. The drama – Of course, drama has not been missing from Nollywood. Far from it. However, the type of drama reminiscent of old Nollywood where there was major power play from older stars with younger stars having their own share may not be one of the things one sees on screen these days. And if there is one thing one would see in Code Wilo, it is drama like this one.

Just the way the audience likes it served.

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