5 Lies That Are Okay To Tell In A Relationship

Posted on May 21 2018 , at 10:39 am
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A good relationship is built on honesty, but sometimes a little white lie is more effective than the truth. There are benefits and risks to lying in a relationship, but a white lie can never be harmful.

These are 5 unharmful lies you can tell in a relationship.

1. Agreeing to a joke you don’t understand

If he isn’t a comedian then not all his jokes will crack you up, but it’s not always worth calling them out on a bad joke.

2. Lying you didn’t see their text message

Well, you might have seen it but forgot to reply or you were probably busy, saying you didn’t see the text message can save too much talk from occurring.

3. Saying “you are right” to shut down a fight

Even if you don’t agree with your partner, letting down our defences in the heat of battle seems unreasonable, but it is actually very effective.

4. “I understand”- to demonstrate deep affection

deceptive affection is one of the types of lies that keep relationships running smoothly, Saying “I understand” even if you don’t truly do, is a sign of empathy and it’s the most important part of any relationship, another example of deceptive affection is “I love you more than anyone else in the whole world” .

5. Lies of omission

This is done when you don’t necessarily lie but you don’t tell the actual truth. For example, if you’re at the mall getting your partner a gift and you get a text asking where you are, it’s OK to say that you’re just running late.


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