4 Things Every Nigerian Can Relate To In ‘The Eve’ Movie

Posted on April 09 2018 , at 04:48 pm
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The talk-of-the-town movie, ‘The Eve’, premiered in cinemas on Saturday, March 30 and it’s already causing queues at cinema houses.

As a Nigerian, there are many relatable points in this film. Let me go through 4 of them.

1. That annoying Uncle who invites himself to everything.

In this film, Nollywood funnyman, John Okafor AKA Mr. Ibu played that annoying Uncle who gets a frying pan on his head at the end.

He invited himself to the Bachelor’s Eve simply because it was his beach house that was to be used. As old as he is, he wanted to go spoil the fun for the young chaps.

2. That friend who thinks he’s the best thing after sliced bread

Mawuli Gavor, Tosan, with all his abs and fineness, ended up being annoying because he carried himself as the ladies’ man. Whereas, bros was a one-minute man who women never came back to for another episode of sex.

Dude was all mouth and body but no action. We all have that friend.

3. The wedding gown rental service provider who cares more about their merchandise than the bride

Okay, maybe not all Nigerians can relate to this one, but if you have come so close to a wedding as to rent a wedding gown, you can attest to how the gown comes first in the mind of the rental service provider.

In this film, we can see him saying how the bride, Beverly Naya, should not be allowed to eat anymore thing until the wedding so she doesn’t tear his gown.

That scene was funny AF.

4. The group of friends who think they can sing

The only difference here is that these friends CAN actually sing. Their acapella moments were one of the many high points of this film. It was unhappy for me that they only got to do their thing thrice in the whole film.

Someone hand me the box of tissues.

If you haven’t seen this film, what are you waiting for? Really?

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