3 Times Kids Made Us Laugh At The Spelling Bee Competition

Posted on July 08 2019 , at 04:16 pm
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A few Nigerians might say, “Spelling is one of the most boring things EVER! Who spelling epp?” But when it has something to do with the Spelling Bee competition, the story changes.

My friend, you have never seen a Spelling Competition that’s like an “action feem”. Have you ever seen a guy try to spell a word, pass out, then get right up and continue spelling? 

Nowadays, the kids are not here to play at all – no time for dulling. Before we give you the full gist, here are the three times that a Spelling Bee competition made us sit up, watch, laugh and learn a few things:

  1. The Guy That Passed Out: This kid tried to spell a word, till today we don’t know what happened. All we can say is that he passed out, got back up, blinked and then went on to spell the word perfectly! 


See how boss get levels. Small malaria, and some people won’t go to work or school.

2. The Laugh King! This other kid couldn’t stop laughing. Well, it wasn’t his fault. Who asks a kid to spell “sardoodledom”?! But you see, our ‘Lord of the Spelling Bee’, he stopped laughing long enough to spell correctly.

It’s not how hard you laugh, it’s how well you make up for the laugh, abi?

3. What Did You Say?! You know the moment that an adult says something that is super-silly, but you have to be respectful and not tell the person that “e sir, what you are saying does not make any sense at all?” That was the point that this poor guy was at.

We felt sorry for him at first but he aced the word – numnah. Lol! Use Google and find out what it means.

These guys have shown us that you can do anything, no matter how young and no matter what is happening around you. Here in Naija, kids are stepping up and showing us who is boss too!

The Lagos State Private Schools Spelling Bee Competition, sponsored by MTN’s teen and tween proposition  – mPulse, began about 3 weeks ago and now over 27 private schools have been showing us pepper! (no Big Brother Naija pun intended). For instance, at the Dorcas School in Ajegunle, they had to go 7 rounds before they could have a winner. Usually, it takes about two or three rounds. These guys did not come to play.

It has been fun and the story is just revving up; 70 schools must flex their ‘spelling powers’ by the end of October and we can’t wait to see all the highs and lows. 

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