#234StarHelpline: His Dick Does Not Exist

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I recently started dating this cool guy and we had sex for the first time few days ago and it was not good. I just want to blur the memory from my head Fo-re-ver! He has the smallest dick I have ever seen in my whole life. Like I am not exaggerating.

On Saturday, he came over to my place and we started making out and all. He went down on me and boy it was MIND BLOWING. Like my pussy has never been eating out that good. We got to the point I felt like I’d die if he didn’t bang the hell out of me, man reaches into his trousers and brings out a pencil. I was shockeeed. If he noticed, he didn’t show it. Maybe he has been getting it a lot.

His dick is so so tiny like embarrassingly small. Like a baby’s dick. After he went down on me, the rest of the sex was a big mess. We haven’t talked about it. He acts like nothing happened but there is no way I am going through that again. Does he have a problem or something?

I really really like him and all but no I just can’t. Like sex is everything to me and not like I’m a whore but I can’t date someone with that kind of dick please. What? No, sorry.

And he doesn’t even look it. He’s a big guy.

Our Advice: Girl, I know it can be very disappointing when you are expecting a Ferrari and get handed a bicycle. Nothing can prepare you for the wreck your emotions goes through.

Since you wrote us, I’m guessing you need advice on what to do – though you sound like you have decided already. There are only two things we advice; break up with him and go get you a guy with a bigger dick or put up with him and work thing out.

The problem with things like this is, women have preconceived notions that small penises are no good. Great sex isn’t necessarily about the sex of the penis but how it is used. True, small penises have shortcomings but it’s nothing impossible to deal with.

If it were in his power, I’m sure he would have given himself an iroko dick but we have no control over things like this. Try not to tell him his dick is small, he most probably knows already and that can ruin his self-esteem. 

There are a number of ways to make under the sheet action more satisfying with smaller penises. Try sex positions that flatter his dick size and enables deeper penetration. Some of such positions are soft side saddle, pile driver, splitting bamboo, doggy style, and cowgirl.

If you insist on getting a bigger size, there are penis enlargement creams. Do your research and get one that has great reviews.

Whatever the size, communication is key to great sex. 

If you can’t deal, walk out of the relationship and let him find someone who can. Happiness is life and anything that comes between it is not acceptable.

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