Why you should think twice about getting married because of a Green Card

Posted on September 03 2017 , at 05:16 pm
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  • It would seem that our young Nigerian men are no longer ashamed of showing off their motherly lovers.

True love or nah?

Anyone with a social media account will notice that there has been a recent surge of ‘Green card love’ being displayed online recently.


You know what we are talking about, those pictures and videos of young Nigerian men with their much older lovers.

CJ and Angela

This usually low-key and motive driven exercise is becoming increasingly more popular. It would seem that our young Nigerian men are no longer ashamed of showing off their motherly lovers.


For those of you feeling inspired and thinking about hustling for your own green card the Nigerian, check out these facts. You may have a rethink and point your ambition in a different direction.


1. Were you inspected?

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That’s right. Before you can pull this matrimonial stunt, you have to ensure that you were inspected before entering the United States.


If you came into the country as a crew man or by another means that might have allowed you not to be inspected adequately, you are simply looking for trouble and guess what? You will find it.


2. Americans take marriage fraud very seriously

Don’t get it twisted Love is a beautiful thing 😏

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If the American government has any reason to believe that your marriage is not ‘bonafide’, then you would be charged for committing a federal crime.


The punishment for this? Both the husband and the wife are subject to five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. That’s over N90m. Additionally, the Nigerian spouse will be deported and banned from the U.S. for 10 years.


3. What is your ‘Admission’ status?

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Have you previously committed any crimes? Were you a part of any illicit activities? If yes, don’t even think about it.


4. The big Orange Head in the White House

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Yes! If Trump should catch you, don’t say you weren’t warned.

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