‘Sex Is Not An Exercise’ & Five Other Surprising Things I Learned Last Weekend That Should Interest You

Posted on September 26 2017 , at 07:31 am
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So as one of the perks that come with the job, the company sent me and Binyelum to an all-expense paid day out at a healthy living retreat at Tarkwa Bay this past weekend and I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun or food.

The best picture of me & Binyelum I could find

Plus I took my first ever Yoga class and managed to stay till the very end even though the sun was threatening to roast me.

So yeah, it was a fun weekend but we also got to learn so much about adopting and living a healthy lifestyle from fitness and nutrition experts.

This post is basically just to share a few of the rather interesting things I learned from the retreat, because well, I’m nice like that.

Now grab a pen and notepad, you don’t want to miss anything.

First, Sex Is Not A Form Of Exercise

I won’t even lie, this information was a little surprising to me but I wasn’t nearly as shocked as the man who raised the question in the first place. From the way he grabbed a coke moments later, you can tell that is possibly the only form of “exercise” the poor man manages to get in.

White Bread, Brown Bread, Wheat Bread, Still Bread!

I died a little thinking of all the times I put myself through the heartbreak of eating the tasteless and bland thing that is wheat bread thinking it’s healthier. Apparently, they’re all the same and a slice is all you need.

It’s All Poo In That Potbelly

LOL you know all those Nigerian sugar daddies you see sporting a healthy potbelly? Well, it’s not money or the good life, they just haven’t been paying the toilet enough visits. Pooping every morning goes a long way to reduce the size of your belly.

You’ve Probably Been Eating Fruits Wrong All Your Life

According to our fitness instructor, fruits are best eating in the morning before you eat any other thing. You might be doing yourself more harm than good when you eat fruits (especially the acidic ones) along with your meal.

Keto Is A Fad – One You Should Probably Stay Away From

You might have seen someone who lost a ton of weight from the Keto dieting and you’re probably thinking of jumping on it but you shouldn’t. And I might not be able to speak the medical jargon of it all but here’s what I got and can tell you – you’ll be losing out on the necessary B Vitamins and Carbohydrates. In the long run, the diet is not sustainable and neither is your body’s ability to function without carbs.

Your Ideal Body Weight Is Your Height In CM Minus 100

Well, you’re welcome.



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