The Pied Piper: R Kelly’s Most Sexual Lyrics

Posted on July 17 2017 , at 06:27 pm
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R Kelly‘s talent does not only lie in his voice; it is also in his ability to craft the raunchiest lyrics and make them almost acceptable. In the beginning of his career he merely suggested what he wanted to do to women but as he grew older , he became more explicit. Today not many people are surprised by his raunchy lines.

Here are some of his most profane lyrics till date.

1. If I’m Wit You (1998)

Remember I’m the first to give your cootie the pain/So I wanna hear you answer when I ask you my name.


2. 12 Play (1993)

Seven: spread your legs apart/Eight: Feel me, I’m so hard/Nine: See I want you from behind/With that bump and grind/Ten: Baby, climb on top of me…


3. Ignition (2003)


Girl, please let me stick my key in your ignition, babe/So I can get this thing started and get rolling babe.

4. Sweet Tooth (2007)


Got a sweet tooth for you girl/Baby I’m tempted to taste/I can’t wait to drink your milk/You’re looking like a big old piece of cake.


5. Love is What We Making (2005)


Sex in the morning, sex in the evening/Sex in the noon day even when we sleeping/I want sex on all the holidays and every single weekend/Baby it’s so okay because love is what we making…


6. Hit it Till the Morning (2005)


Girl, if you ride out wit me, I promise you won’t regret it/I shoot hoop and so you know this boy is real athletic/You want me to go down on you, baby, don’t even sweat it/Just pass the Remy to me and watch me get real nasty.


7. Show Ya Pussy (2013)


Climb up, slide down/Bend it over, twerk now/ Bounce walk, touch ya feet/ Split, split, split, split; now let me see/Show your pussy, show your pussy, show your pussy, show your pussy.


8. Crazy Sex (2013)


Let’s go deeper, let’s go faster, let’s go harder / let’s come at the same damn time and then start over.


9. The Zoo (2007)


Girl I got you so wet / it’s like a rain forest / Like Jurassic Park / except I’m your sex-a-saurus baby.


10. Sex Me (1993)

Now that we are all alone/I want you to sex me/Now let me feel your body next to mine/I wanna see you sweat, girl, you’re so very wet, yes/Now put me inside of you, do what you wanna do, yeah

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