Alternative Music: Lindsey Abudei staking a claim

Posted on July 13 2017 , at 08:35 pm
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  • If her budding discography and unique stage craft is anything to go by, Lindsey is one not just for the now but for the future.


We live in a country where any song that is not heavy hitting or can’t get you dancing, no matter how good it is stands the chance of going unnoticed.

An undefined industry where there is a major issue with classifying our sounds and award organizers who supposedly should know better failing to remedy the situation.

One genre of music that has constantly been a victim of misclassification in Nigeria is Alternative Music. If your music isn’t Pop, call it Alternative Music.

If Nigerians don’t understand the sound, they tag it Alternative Music, If it sounds anything like the unusual, call it Alternative Music and as such, it has over the years been aptly tagged as a music genre for those who have no music genre.

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For proper definition, Alternative Music, also known as Alternative Rock is a sub genre of rock music that emerged from the underground sometime in the 1980s and has grown in quantifiable leaps in the 1990s & 2000s worldwide.

In an industry that lacks proper structures to cover for all forms of sounds, where even rap music which has hit mainstream successes still struggle to find its place, it is no surprise that whilst alternative music has steadily found its place in the entertainment landscape worldwide, a lot of Nigerians are yet to come to terms with this genre.

As a lover of Rap and one partial to the genre, my taste in music evolved over the past years as more rappers began to break out of their comfort zones, infusing new styles and collaborating with other artists.

Hence, when I first saw Nneka with her big mass of hair and a guitar in her hands performing, even though one couldn’t immediately connect to her sound, there was this unique feel, an ethereal charm to her music that got you hooked.

Then over the years, the likes of Asa took the sounds to new heights, Brymo with impeccable song writing skills, Bez, who indeed is a Super Sun, with younger acts like Ruby Gyang, Falana, Aramide all contributing their bit in making the genre more pronounced.

Another one who has however brought a different beam of light on the genre is the amiable Lindsey Abudei. Her debut album, And the bass is Queen, dropped last year and gained positive reviews across all spheres.

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The album paraded sounds like ‘Have You?’, ‘Libra Man’, ‘Scream at the Sun’ and ‘Out the Magazine’ making it a collector’s item. A brief journey into her career reveals a woman who first caught our attention when she featured on M.I Abaga’s ‘Jehovah’.

The Project Fame alumni is a songwriter and guitarist who released her first body of work titled Brown the EP in 2013. The eight-tracker project paraded songs like ‘Believe’ featuring Ese Peters and her covers of Asa’s ‘Jailer’ and Fela’s ‘Palava’.

This was her first offering in the industry and even though it made very little impression on the music scene, she considers it as her ‘teething period’ as she groomed and found her sound.

Clearly, Alternative Music still has a long way to go in Nigeria, artistes like Lindsey Abudei have however proven that amidst the over saturated and recycled pop sound that occupies the radio stations and online platforms, music can indeed be yet refreshing again and song writing, an art to be desired.

Abudei performing at Afropolitan Vibes

And the Bass is Queen had sounds that were colorful and endearing, songs that were deeply reflective and also showcased an artiste who was daring enough to throw her style into an underappreciated sphere whilst making it relative without trying to downplay quality.

Love and life was the theme, some songs ended before it had even started making you yearn for more, other songs took you through a journey that mirrored how life hits us on several levels, on the album, Miss Abudei hit home and crossed the finish line in bright glory.

It will be foolhardy to expect the fire of Alternative music to spread across Nigerians with rapid pace, but more people are beginning to take notice, more shows are being held strictly for alternative music and the artistes are getting better with their sound especially their stage performances where there is indeed live instruments and proper musicianship on display.

Lindsey Abudei, who holds the likes of Stevie Wonder and Norah Jones as her inspiration, has a strong voice which echoes raw emotions laced over guitar strings. She understands that her sound is less conventional and is not relenting with maintaining her standards; and a desire to take her rightful place on the scene.

Young female artistes like Lorde and Lana Del Rey are flying the alternative flag on the international scene and if her budding discography and unique stage craft is anything to go by, Lindsey is one not just for the now but for the future.

If Bez is the King of Alternative music, then maybe, just maybe the Bass really is Queen.

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